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230th Sustainment Brigade

230th Sustainment Brigade

The Lineage of the 230th Sustainment Brigade can be traced back to the 4th Infantry Regiment in World War I. The unit was organized and federally recognized 30 April 1918 in the Tennessee National Guard at Chattanooga as the Howitzer Company, 4th Infantry. The unit was re-designated 1 April 1921 as the Howitzer Company, 117th Infantry. Following World War I, the Company was converted and re-designated 1 May 1938 as the Machine Gun Troop, 109th Cavalry. The Troop was then converted and re-designated 1 October 1940 as Headquarters Battery, 1st Battalion,181st Field Artillery. The 1st BN 181st FA was inducted into Federal service 24 February 1941 at Chattanooga. The BN was reorganized and re-designated 1 March 1943 as Headquarters Battery, 181st Field Artillery Group. The Battery was reorganized and re-designated 15 March 1944 as Headquarters Battery, 34th Field Artillery Brigade. The 34th FAB participated in campaigns in France, Rhineland and Central Europe during World War II. The unit was inactivated 16 November 1945 at Camp Patrick Henry, Virginia.

The 34th FAB was then reorganized and federally recognized 14 November 1946 at Chattanooga as Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 30th Division Artillery (Tennessee part) (North Carolina part organized and Federally recognized 25 August 1947 at Louisburg – separate lineage). The unit then underwent reorganization and re-designated 27 October 1954 as Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 30th Armored Division Artillery. The 30th Armored Division Artillery was reorganized and re-designated 1 November 1973 as Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 196th Field Artillery Group, and relieved from assignment to the 30th Armored Division. The unit was then re-designated 1 September 1978 as Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 196th Field Artillery Brigade. The 196th Field Artillery Brigade, Tennessee Army National Guard, organized with battalions from Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia, received the alert notification on 3 December 1990, and entered federal active duty on 9 December 1990. On 15 December 1990 the 196th Field Artillery Brigade was federalized with three subordinate battalions. The 196th mobilized, trained, and was validated at Fort Campbell. On 2 February 1991, the 196th deployed to Saudi Arabia with one of its subordinate units, the 1st BN, 201st FA from West Virginia. The two other units-1st Battalion, 623rd FA, from Kentucky and the 1st BN, 181st FA, from Tennessee- joined the brigade several days later. The brigade was attached to the XVIII Airborne Corps and supported the 6th French Light Armored Division during breaching operations of Operation Desert Storm. The 196th FAB was then assigned to the 24th Mechanized Infantry during the ground campaign. The 196th FAB participated in the Southwest Asia, the Liberation and defense of Kuwait, and the cease fire campaigns during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. The 196th FAB was released 27 May 1991 from active Federal service and reverted to state control.

The 196th Field Artillery Brigade was re-designated the 230th Sustainment Brigade on 1 January 2006 by combining the 196th FAB with the 230th Area Support Group. The 196th FAB was converted and federally re-designated 1 September 2008 as the 230th Sustainment Brigade. Since the unit was re-designated as the 230th SB, subordinate units from the Brigade have participated in every phase of Operation Iraqi freedom and various phases of Operation Enduring Freedom. On 5 January 2011 the 230th Brigade Headquarters, Special Troops Battalion, and Headquarters and Headquarters Company were federalized and deployed in support of Operation New Dawn and Operation Enduring Freedom.