State Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors Honored for Outstanding Service

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 | 11:43am

Tennessee Department of Human Services holds ceremony in honor of vocational rehabilitation counselors

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Department of Human Services culminated a month of appreciation events for the department’s Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Counselors with a recognition ceremony held at the Tennessee Rehabilitation Center in Smyrna. As dedicated professionals, VR Counselors use their various specialized skills in partnership with Tennesseans with disabilities to assist them in reaching and maintaining their employment goals in competitive integrated settings. 

VR Counselors provide counseling and guidance to assist in developing plans to address potential barriers to employment goals. They provide services to help make goals more attainable and pave the way for employment by establishing relationships with businesses and other community partners. Through these partnerships, VR counselors demonstrate the valuable asset people with disabilities are to both employers and their communities.

DHS Commissioner Danielle W. Barnes thanked VR Counselors for their work stating, “You all are the ones that carry out the mission every day. I thank you for sharing your purpose, your unwavering commitment, and your persistent capability to help.”

Tennessee’s Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) program provides a variety of services to persons with disabilities in preparation for their employment in the competitive job market. VR assists clients in meeting their employment outcomes that are consistent with their strengths, resources, abilities, capabilities and personal employment goals. 

The VR Counselor/client relationship is instrumental to the process. Today’s event featured 11 regional VR Counselors chosen by their peers for their collaborative spirit with clients, schools, businesses, and state and local agencies.

Cherrell Campbell-Street, DHS Chief Officer for Programs and Services said, “Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors are the gateways to self-sufficiency for persons with disabilities on their employment journey.  They provide support, encouragement and specialized services which are impactful today as well as years to come.”

The National Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Appreciation Day kicked off the activities in Vocational Rehabilitation offices across the state. Governor Haslam also designated March 22nd as Tennessee’s Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Appreciation Day. 



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