TDHS and the United Way of Nashville Join Forces on a Two Generation Public-Private Partnership

Tuesday, January 31, 2017 | 03:06pm

Partnership Will Deliver Whole Family 2 Generation Wraparound Services to Nashville Area Communities

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Department of Human Services (TDHS) announced a recent partnership with the United Way of Metropolitan Nashville (UWMN) using a two-generation framework to provide services through the Family Empowerment Program. The two agencies initiated this partnership in the fall of 2016. They will co-design the two-generation framework through a public-private partnership where families will receive holistic, wraparound services in under-resourced communities.

“We are so excited about this partnership with UWMN. Our teams have worked diligently together driven by a commitment to Tennessee children, families and communities,” said Department of Human Services Commissioner, Dr. Raquel Hatter. “We are pleased to be maintaining momentum on the 2G for Tennessee focus. The TDHS team, community partners, families and others have played a major role in these efforts. After the launch of this project TDHS will have wraparound 2 Gen direct service efforts underway in East, Middle and West Tennessee to support families in realizing their own version of the American dream. This will certainly move us toward the Governor’s vison of being the Tennessee we can be!”

Services will focus on potential levers of transformational change such as education, upward mobility, health indicators, community engagement, workforce readiness, economic literacy and more. The two-generation partnership is a part of the department’s 2G for Tennessee strategy, which has a specific focus on partnering with parents and children together to improve the whole family’s well-being while building cycles of success. The two generation framework utilizes four key components: education, economic supports, health & well-being, and social capital.

Gena Lewis, TDHS Deputy Commissioner and General Counsel said, “The partnership that has been created with United Way of Metropolitan Nashville is invaluable.  Both TDHS and UWMN are rightly aligned, rightly focused, and outcome driven.  The issues that affect many of our citizens require collaborative efforts of all stakeholders- parents, children, community leaders, government, and non-profit entities.  This effort is about moving our state forward and creating permanent cycles of success for all Tennesseans.”

The mission of United Way of Nashville is to bring together people and organizations to create a community where individuals, families and neighborhoods thrive. Through work with partners to identify the most current, critical problems, they develop collaborative relationships that encourage root cause solutions. To move toward solution, funding is designed to create pathways toward independence.

”The 2G for Tennessee strategy provides an opportunity for transformational life change across multiple generations for the community’s most vulnerable. United Way is delighted to partner with DHS on this important endeavor to address cycles of poverty and strengthen families and communities,” said Eric Dewey, President and CEO of United Way of Metropolitan Nashville.  

The co-design team is made up of team members at multiple levels in both organizations. At TDHS the team includes the Commissioner’s Office, Business Solutions, frontline Family Assistance staff, Program Performance staff, Budget and others. The makeup of the team is reflective of the TDHS commitment to employee engagement through a shared vision focused on better outcomes for children and families.

TDHS Office of Procurement Director, Stephen Reksten said, “I believe that this is a great example of a public-private partnership that leverages each of our strengths to assist families in building their strengths.  Through this 2 Generation approach, I am looking forward to seeing a better and brighter future for the families that we are serving.”

“I’m so excited to participate in this ground breaking collaborative endeavor to offer 2-generation wraparound services to families and children.  This truly has the opportunity to provide life changing positive outcomes for the families we serve,” said Assistant Commissioner of Family Assistance and Child Support, Charles Bryson.

UWMN and TDHS have a firm commitment to addressing poverty and in investing in the success of Nashville families. It is an intentional public-private partnership driven by the principles of collective impact.

Terica Peyton, Family Assistance Eligibility Counselor said, “I believe that the 2 Generational Approach we are working with the United Way on will be highly successful. It is an intensive approach that not only determines eligibility, but looks at the pie as a whole. It examines the finances, family structure, needs, and goals. I think that the program also speaks to the employees who are passionate about the sociology and psychology aspect of the job. The program will help families attain and maintain self-sufficiency.”

“I am excited to have this opportunity to be a part of our partnership with United Way.  Through this venture and collaboration – we are strengthening communities by changing lives, one family at a time,” said Joyce Turner, Director of Operations for Community and Social Services.

The first phase of the project is complete. The next phase will involve TDHS moving forward with funding two 2Gen demonstration projects with United Way leveraging their well-developed Outcomes Based Investment process and system of support to partners. The two agencies will announce the release of the UWMN RFP in the coming months.

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