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Committee of Blind Vendors

Committee of Blind Vendors

Billy Brumlow, Chairperson
Billy Brumlow is the Chair of the Committee of Blind Vendors. Billy graduated Middle Tennessee State University and is one of two members who represent the Chattanooga area of southeast Tennessee. He manages TBE’s café/vending facility at the TVA Complex-Missionary Ridge in Chattanooga. He has been a licensed manager with TBE since 2003. Prior to joining TBE, Billy was with the U.S. Postal Service in Human Resources for 17 years.

Mary Baker, Vice Chairperson
Mary Baker is the Committee’s Vice-Chair. Mary is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University. She has been a TBE Manager since 1994 and has served on the Committee since 1995. Mary is one of three members who represent the middle Tennessee area. She currently manages TBE’s facility in the Tennessee Tower in Nashville. Prior to joining TBE, she held jobs both with the state and federal governments. Her husband, Steve, is also a licensed TBE manager.

Eric Breeden
865-397-1056 (Warehouse)
Eric Breeden operates the Sevier County Commissary and is the upper east Tennessee representative on the Committee of Blind Vendors. He has been with TBE since 2004 as both a temporary and licensed manager. He and his wife Theresa, have three children and have been married for 24 years.

Greg Self
Greg Self has been in the TBE program since 1994. With 21 years of service in 2015 this is his second term on the committee in Region 2. He has managed facilities in West and East Tennessee. Greg knew from seventh grade he would be in TBE from seeing numerous family and friends prosper in the program. Greg and his wife Misty Morris-Self, daughter of Lance and Marie Morris, have 5 children and NO free time! He currently manages the Knoxville Vending Route #2 and is the current vice president of the Volunteer chapter of NFB. Greg is an active member of East Maryville Baptist Church and a very busy father of five.

John Spencer
John Spencer is a veteran of the United States Navy and has been a TBE manager since 1989. He managed TBE’s all-vending operation at Western Mental Health in Bolivar before moving to Hardeman County where he services the vending machines in the visitors’ areas at two Corrections Corporation of America run prisons. John represents the managers of rural west Tennessee.

Sharon Treadway
Sharon Treadway is currently serving her first term on the Committee of Blind Vendors. She represents managers in Region 5 (middle Tennessee). Sharon has been a vendor in TBE for 18 years, most of that time she has been working in Nashville running food prep locations in the Metro Courthouse as well as the Cordell Hull State Office Bldg.

Dewayne Cox
Dewayne has served on the Committee for a total of 19 years. He served as Chairman of the Committee for 13 years. He has been a licensed TBE manager since 1991. He has managed all types of facilities and currently operates the Commissary Services at Silverdale Correctional Facility serving over 1,000 inmates. Before joining TBE, Dewayne worked for 17 years in management with Red Food Stores in the Chattanooga area.

Lance Morris
Having served for 25 years on the Committee he is the longest serving member. Lance represents Memphis and Shelby County. He runs the vending facility at the Criminal Justice Center at 201 Poplar. 2014 marks 40 years of service in the vending program running locations in middle and west TN. His interests include Ham Radio, Culinary Arts, Dogs, and his grandchildren. 

Sharon Bragg
Tennessee Business Enterprises is a crucial fundamental part of my life.  I graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 1973 with a degree in Psychology and Social Work.  In 1978, I began my career in the TBE program.  For over 36 years, I have served as a manager in every aspect of business available in TBE.  I have served on the Committee of Rules, Operations Manual, Training, and Legislative to assure all blind managers access to the business opportunities provided by TBE which allow managers to live their lives with pride and dignity.
While working full time, I have helped raise my two children, watched them go to college, and marry.  My husband Warren and I now have six beautiful grandchildren.  The businesses I have managed (8) and people I know through TBE have had a direct and positive impact in all of my family’s lives.  I am grateful for TBE and the chance of meeting my business goals, as well as helping provide jobs for my employees and serving the needs of our customers.
I am looking forward to representing and working with managers in Region 9 (Memphis).

Steve Baker
After graduating from Middle Tennessee State University, I attended the University of Memphis Graduate School of Music and subsequently served as classical guitar instructor at Rhodes College for the next nine years.  I began my career as a TBE merchant in 1993 operating a vending route and later as vending manager at Tennessee State University.  I was awarded the Region 5 manager of the year award in 2003 and currently serve the TennCare administration complex.

In order to maximize efficiency, the Committee uses several subcommittees to accomplish tasks and to work on specific issues. This is a listing of the various subcommittees and the Committee member assigned to each.

Committee of Blind Vendors Subcommittee Assignment

Sharon Treadway*     John Spencer*  
Mary Baker     Richard Harris  
Eric Breeden     Joe Ruzzene  
Dewayne Cox     Greg Self  
Dewayne Cox*     Lance Morris*  
Jim Baker      Mary Baker  
Mary Baker     Eric Breeden  
Lance Morris     Sharon Treadway
Dewayne Cox*     Mary Baker*  
Jim Baker     Dewayne Cox  
Eric Breeden     Lance Morris  
Lance Morris     Sharon Treadway
Lance Morris*     Lance Morris*  
Mary Baker     Richard Harris  
Greg Self     John Spencer  
Sharon Treadway     Sharon Treadway
Jim Baker*     Eric Breeden*  
Richard Harris     Dewayne Cox  
Joe Ruzzene     Joe Ruzzene  
John Spencer     Greg Self  
Mary Baker*        
Dewayne Cox        
Lance Morris        
Sharon Treadway