TN Government Leadership

Executive Leadership Programs

Tennessee Government Executive Institute (TGEI)

TGEI is a comprehensive two-week residential executive program tailored for senior-level managers. TGEI aims to elevate the individual skills of senior leaders and foster professional growth and excellence through academic study, executive responsibility training, and cross-agency networking. 

Supervisors/Managers Leadership Programs

Tennessee Government Management Institute (TGMI)

TGMI is a dynamic two-week residential management program crafted for mid-level managers. TGMI empowers middle managers to enhance their skills and excel in their roles through academic study, practical management skill development, and cross-agency networking.

Individual Contributor Leadership Programs

Tennessee Government Professionals Institute (TGPI)

TGPI is a rigorous two-week program focused on cultivating specific leadership competencies to promote an environment of excellence. TGPI is designed for high-performing professionals who oversee programs or have non-supervisory roles.

Accelerated Leadership Institute 

ALI prepares high-potential employees for pivotal roles in state government. ALI offers advanced training in leadership competencies, empowering participants to tackle real-world challenges, devise innovative solutions, and develop a comprehensive understanding of government functions. 

LEAD Tennessee

LEAD Tennessee advances State leaders through twelve months of intense, high-impact development in eight leadership core competencies. This premier program is building strength within agencies and creating a pool of leadership talent for the State. LEAD Tennessee is a unique experience with multiple levels of government learning. It's designed for the executive and senior-level leaders or managers and high-potential emerging leaders within agencies.

Tennessee Government Leadership

Tennessee Government Leadership Council (TGL)

The Tennessee Government Leadership Council (TGLC) is dedicated to fostering leadership excellence within State government, uniting alumni leaders from LEAD Tennessee, TGMI, and TGEI to champion strategic development initiatives. The council catalyzes a cultural shift that nurtures leaders at all levels and ensures the success of Tennessee State Government.

Black Belt Leadership Program

The Black Belt Leadership Program is an opportunity for Tennessee Government Leadership (TGL) alumni seeking structured self-directed development post-graduation from any TGL program. Participants progress through six levels - White, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, and Black Belt - by accumulating points in Strategic Development and Service. Black Belt Leaders experience a journey that prioritizes personal growth initially, transitioning to a focus on service, underlining the value of investing in others as you advance.


TGL alumni can enhance their communication and leadership abilities with Toastmasters. Participants experience stimulating meetings, compelling speeches, and valuable feedback to unlock their full potential.