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Employee Suggestion Program

The Employee Suggestion Award Program (ESAP) provides a way for state employees to submit their good ideas and suggestions to improve state government operations or services and reduce costs. Cash awards are available for adopted and approved suggestions up to $10,000!

ESAP Operating Procedures

ESAP Key Roles

ESAP Additional Information


Step 1: Open the ESAP Suggestion Form.

Note: You must submit your suggestion on a suggestion form to be evaluated.

Step 2: Complete the entire form providing information about your idea and save on your computer.

Step 3: Send your completed ESAP suggestion form via email as an attachment to your respective Agency Coordinator. Click hereto see Agency Coordinator list.

That’s it! You will receive a confirmation notice of receipt and any follow-up correspondence by email from your respective Agency Coordinator.

IMPORTANT: If you are submitting a suggestion as a team or group, please submit a Group Suggestion Form as an attachment listing all team members.

Should you have additional information to submit with your suggestion, you may scan and submit attachments with your emailed suggestion. You may also print the completed Suggestion Form and mail with attachments to your respective Agency Coordinator’s address.

*Suggestions from retired employees should be sent to the respective Agency Coordinator from which the employee retired.

Any questions? Contact us at 615-741-1646 or 1-800-221-7345.