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Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Providing strategic human resources leadership and partnering with customers for innovative solutions.

Our Vision

To strategically drive transformation through innovative human resources leadership and practices to shape the best workforce for state government.

Our Values

Continuous Improvement

  • Seeks innovative solutions to improve processes and solve problems
  • Leverage strengths and improve weaknesses to enhance performance
  • Engages in opportunities for personal and professional growth


  • Greets other employees
  • Keeps confidences - does not gossip
  • Acknowledges excellence
  • Listens attentively - practices active listening skills
  • Includes stakeholders in decision process - values input of others
  • Empowers others and enables them to act
  • Demonstrates commitment to timeliness

Customer Driven Excellence

  • Greet - positive verbal welcome
  • Relate - demonstrates empathy/sympathy
  • Exceed - explains why we can/cannot accommodate request
  • Affirm - makes sure we give what the customer really needs
  • Thank - ends conversation on positive note

Data Driven Decision Making

  • Defines and measures desired outcomes for initiatives and systems
  • Considers proactively the impact of decisions on key stakeholders
  • Makes well thought out decisions based on evidence and fact
  • Demonstrates understanding of when to involve others in decision-making process
  • Effectively communicates the reason for decisions

Visionary Leadership

  • Articulates the vision of the organization
  • Anticipates customer needs
  • Identifies opportunities and challenges before they happen
  • Supports a culture where innovation can flourish


  • Seeks and shares knowledge and resources to enhance strategic partnerships
  • Contributes to achieving consensus
  • Listens objectively
  • Thinks creatively
  • Build relationships with customers
  • Demonstrates openness and willingness to engage