TGL Council

Imagine a professional sports team that was not very passionate about winning. A team that really didn’t care about putting together a sound strategy for success, that wasn’t concerned about how well the season went, and that only pursued mediocrity, would not be a winning team. Passion about the goal, the mission, and the very purpose for which the organization exists is critical to achieve those ends effectively and efficiently. Leadership development in Tennessee state government is the goal of the Tennessee Government Leadership Council (TGLC).

The TGLC was created to provide strategic guidance in development opportunities for leaders in Tennessee state government. The Committee is made up of alumni leaders from LEAD Tennessee, TGMI, and TGEI.  All members of the TGLC are considered to be champions for leadership excellence by providing support for the various components of leadership development in state government. In essence, every member of the TGLC is passionate about creating a cultural change that promotes leadership development at every level in state government. No one person can achieve the goal alone. Working together the Council strives to meet the challenge of achieving the goal of creating a true learning environment that fosters the cultural development of leaders. 

2021 TGL Council Members