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Tennessee Government Management Institute



How is TGMI different from TGEI?

TGMI was designed to focus on middle manager development within Tennessee Government as TGEI was designed for executives. The content of each institute is developed accordingly. TGMI is a two week institute whereas TGEI is three weeks. TGMI is still coming into its own as far as identity. The next few years will be exciting as the TGMI Alumni Network continues to define and fine-tune its identity.

Who is eligible for TGMI?

TGMI was designed for middle managers with supervisory responsibilities. Suggested titles include Assistant Directors, Program Managers, Associate Wardens, Associate Superintendents, Administrative Service Managers, Human Resources Managers, etc.

How does someone apply for TGMI?

The Commissioner of Human Resources extends an invitation to Commissioners and Agency Heads for the submission of candidates for TGMI each year. An application is completed along with a written endorsement from the Commissioner or Agency Head and submitted to the Department of Human Resources. The Commissioner of Human Resources appoints a selection committee who reviews all applications and makes recommendations for selection of the yearly class. Each class is composed of 30 participants.

What if I need special accommodations when taking the tests?

Note: It is very important when completing the application to be very thorough and complete all questions to the best of your ability. The selection committee only has the written information on the application to use in the decision process.

Where does the training take place and what does the training involve?

The first week of TGMI is usually held at a state park. The curricula for week two focuses on individual professional growth. Activities include a one-day outdoor team adventure training, negotiating skills, managing organizational change, individual strength assessment and other related topics. As in week one evening social activities and networking opportunities are included.

Week 2 is held in Knoxville at the University of Tennessee Conference Center. The first week curriculum is focused on the big picture of state government. A range of instructors from UT Professors, State Executives, Consultants and TGMI alumni provide training and information in how state government works, and key initiatives, strategic planning, customer service, performance management and other big picture topics. The week includes some evening social activities and networking activities.

What are the costs associated with attending TGMI?

Each agency will receive a journal voucher for the participant fee. Each participant is responsible for payment of all travel-related expenses including transportation, lodging and some meals. All lunches, two evening meals and continental breakfast are included in the participant fee. Travel related expenses are reimbursable through your agency using the State of Tennessee Comprehensive Travel Regulations.

Is there a TGMI alumni organization?

YES! One of the outstanding benefits of the TGMI experience is the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with other managers across the state. Not only can peers of this nature enrich each other´s management skills, but they can also provide information and open doors to areas that managers need to be successful. TGMI alumni provide each other with technical information and personal experiences to give support, insight, and assistance to help meet the management challenges they face. Having the benefit of networking with others from across the state is a valuable management tool.

The TGMI Alumni network has endorsed several events to promote interactions and professional development with the TGEI Alumni Association. These events include fall conferences and holiday gatherings. In addition, the TGMI Alumni Association has sponsored several educational and networking lunches. It is recognized that these events are a part of the TGMI experience and serve to nurture leadership development and networking. The Department of Human Resources maintains an online alumni directory and TGMI WebPages. Most recently, the TGMI network in conjunction with the TGEI network partnered for the development of a Speakers Bureau. The purpose of the Bureau is to develop a catalog of presentations to offer the general public, which describe state initiatives or program areas that focus on the positive aspects of state government.


2019 Steering Committee Members


2018 Steering Committee Members

TGMI Steering Committee Meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month.

The Steering Committee is looking for volunteers to assist our sub-committees in developing and planning events for the Alumni. In particular, we would like to have Alumni in East and West Tennessee work with us to coordinate events in these areas. Volunteering takes up very little of your time - at most an hour a month. If you are interested, please contact us at (TGMI.SteeringCommittee@TN.Gov) for information about each of the committees and the opportunities to help the Alumni Association.

Alumni Directory (If you have questions or need assistance updating your information, contact April RomeroVicky Hutchings or Vojin Janjic.)

Social Media (If you have questions, please contact Cynthia J. Taylor ( ).


TGMI has set up a LinkedIn Group called the TGMI Alumni Group. If you are not a member of LinkedIn, it is very easy to get an account. Just go to and create an account by providing your email address and a password. Once you have an account, if you are a TGMI Alumni, you can request access to the TGMI Alumni Group within LinkedIn (Please provide your class year in your request). This group is used as an additional communication method for informing Alumni of upcoming events such as Adopt A Highway Clean Up, the Annual Conference, Lunch and Learn Seminars, Steering Committee Meetings, Speaker’s Bureau Events and monthly reading recommendations. It is also a place for you to share your thoughts and blog about TGMI. If you have any trouble gaining access, contact Vicky Hutchings ( or Michelle Smith (


TGMI has now established a FaceBookpage for Alumni. Set as a closed group (requires approval by an administrator to join and view), this FaceBookgroup will provide an additional communication method for keeping Alumni informed of upcoming events and posting event pictures from past events. In addition, it is a great place to share your ideas and thoughts with other TGMI Alumni.To join, after logging in, simply search for TGMI in the Search bar located at the top right of the FaceBookpage. Go to the group and click ‘Join Group’ in the top-right corner. Because this is a closed group, a group administrator will approve your request. If you are not a member of FaceBook, you will need to set up an account. Go to and follow the instructions on setting up a new account. Once completed, follow the instructions above for requesting access to the group. Contact April Romero ( or Vicky Hutchings ( for additional information.

11:30 am - 12:30 pm, TN Towers - William Snodgrass Bldg Conference Room A & C on the 3rd floor of the TN Tower

We welcome your suggestions for speakers. Please send suggestions to: TGMI.SteeringCommittee@TN.Gov.

For more information contact Patrice Steinhart at

TGL Toastmasters meetings are held each Friday from 11:30 to 12:30 in the TN Tower, 3rd Floor conference center, room 253N. Come visit a meeting any time with no obligation to speak and you get Black Belt Leadership Points for attending! The club is open to any TGEI, TGMI or LEAD Alumni. If you would like to learn more about Toastmasters the district website is: