Historic Development Grant

All proposed work for the Historic Development Grant must meet the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation (the Standards). The National Park Service (NPS) provides Preservation Briefs and other guidance to assist with interpreting the Standards. The ten Standards, NPS Preservation Briefs, and other technical guidance are not strict work methods but rather criteria that assist the long-term preservation of a property’s significance through the preservation of historic materials and features. The Standards apply to historic buildings of all materials, construction types, sizes, and occupancy and encompass the exterior and interior of historic buildings. Related landscape features and the building’s site and environment, as well as attached adjacent, or related new construction are also applicable.

As you work through the Part 2 Application, please reference the National Park Service’s Planning Successful Rehabilitation Projects and in particular the guidance entitled, “Identifying Primary and Secondary Spaces in Historic Buildings,” as it will provide perspective about how our office reviews projects to ensure the proposed work will meet the Standards. National Park Service guidance can also be found on specific topics in this A-Z index.

Documentation Guidance 

HDGP Documentation Requirements