Survey of Historic Resources

The survey of historic resources is ongoing. After years of work, the Tennessee Historical Commission (THC) has created a digital format for collecting data to be entered into the Tennessee Historical Commission’s Historical Architectural Survey GIS System. This Survey123 application will streamline the data collection process. The survey will always remain a work-in-process, with newly fifty-year-old properties surveyed and updates made as needed. Historic Preservation Fund grants are given to communities to survey properties with a priority for surveys or updates in Certified Local Government communities. Contact the staff below for any questions about updating or starting a survey in your area.

To Use the Survey 123 Application:

Archaeological resources are surveyed by the Tennessee Division of Archaeology.

Section 106 and Historic Resource Survey

Currently, our survey office is closed for Section 106 research appointments but we will assist you with your project virturally. In order to assist with your project:

Survey Manual
Surveyed areas of the state

Areas of the state that have been surveyed for historic resources as of June 2021

*The SHPO Architectural Survey data can also be found here for use with ArcGIS mapping products, including ArcOnline, a free mapping application.

Contact  -  Survey & GIS

Peggy Nickell 
(615) 770-1087                                                                                                                                     

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