Survey of Historic Resources

New information when needing survey information for Section 106 projects

Due to COVID-19, our office will be temporarily accepting Section 106 reviews via email. Please send reviews to Please be aware that there may be delays in response due to these unusual circumstances.

As usual, the first step is for the federal agency to determine if there is an undertaking and develop an appropriate APE.  At this time, Casey Lee  should be contacted by email with any questions.

Currently, our survey office is closed for appointments.  In order to assist with your project, here is a current list of properties in the National Register from Tennessee.  It includes an address and date the property was listed.   National Register files through 2015 continues to be available from the NPS National Register database.  Survey data for much of the state is available here.  You will not be able to access any other files at this time. A list of information files (current to November 2020) is here (add file linked) for reference purposes only.  When the Covid-19 pandemic has ended, the procedure will be to contact the survey staff coordinator Peggy Nickell and make an appointment to search files in the office.

The rest of the Section 106 process continues as usual.  The federal agency continues to be responsible for identifying historic resources within the area of potential effect and to determine effects to any historic properties as detailed below.


The survey of historic resources is ongoing. After years of work, THC has created a new digital format for collecting data to be entered into the Tennessee Historical Commission’s Historical Architectural Survey GIS System. This Survey123 application will streamline the data collection process. The survey will always remain a work-in-process, with newly fifty-year-old properties surveyed and updates made as needed. Historic Preservation Fund grants are given to communities to survey properties with a priority for surveys or updates in Certified Local Government communities. Contact the staff listed below for any questions about states or updating a survey in your area.

To Use the Survey 123 Application:
• First time users should see Survey123 for ArcGIS Getting Started for step by step instructions to download the application and THC survey form.
• The Survey123 for ArcGIS Data Tutorial provides a detailed tutorial on the entire survey form.
• THC has updated TheTennessee Historical and Architectural Survey Manual for use with the new survey application.  It is available by clicking the link or the image below.

Survey Manual


Archaeological resources are surveyed by the Tennessee Division of Archaeology.

*The SHPO Architecture Survey data can also be found  here for use with ArcGIS mapping products, including ArcOnline, a free mapping application

Surveyed areas of the state

Areas of the state that have been surveyed for historic resources as of June 2021


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