Tennessee's Plan for Historic Preservation

Tennessee Historical Commission Plan

The State Historic Preservation Office/Tennessee Historical Commission is the state agency responsible for the stewardship of historic resources in Tennessee. Developing a statewide historic preservation plan is a requirement of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (NHPA). Our first statewide historic preservation plan was completed in 1970.  We recently completed our 2019-2029 historic preservation plan in accordance with the requirements that allow us to participate in the NHPA programs.

Although the focus of the plan is on the federal programs of the office, it includes goals, objectives, and strategies applicable to the state programs. This document will serve as the office’s work program. It includes information on Tennessee’s socioeconomic environment, historic and cultural resources, threats to historic preservation, public outreach, preservation partners, and updated goals and objectives.

The plan and an executive summary can be accessed by clicking on the links or the images below.

Tennessee's Historic Preservation Plan Executive Summary 

Tennessee's Historic Preservation Plan

Tennessee Historical Commission Plan Summary
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