State Programs

State Historic Sites

State Historic Sites represent some of Tennessee's most important historic places, including Alex Haley House Museum & Interpretive Center, Carter House, and Sam Houston Schoolhouse. Read more about the location, hours, and brief history of each property.

Historical Markers Program

One of the most visible programs of the THC is the Historical Markers Program. This program, which began in  the late 1940s, has erected almost 2000 markers commemorating sites, persons, and events significant in Tennessee history.

Tennessee Wars Commission

The Tennessee Wars Commission coordinates the planning, preservation, and promotion of structures, buildings, sites, and battlefields of Tennessee associated with the French and Indian War, American Revolutionary War, War of 1812, U.S.-Mexican War, and the Civil War.

Tennessee Historic Cemetery Preservation Program

In October 2019, the Tennessee Historic Cemetery Preservation Program was established in response to cemetery-termination public-notification legislation passed by the Tennessee General Assembly in 2018. This legislation established THC’s 7-member Historic Cemetery Advisory Committee, who have proposed legislative updates to improve historic cemetery protection in Tennessee. This program serves as a resource for identifying, protecting, and preserving the state’s historic cemeteries. Program database records include official cemetery names, alternate names, locations, and historical information. 

Historic Property / Land Acquisition Fund Grant

In FY 24-25 the Tennessee Historical Commission will offer $2 Million from its Historic Property / Land Acquisition Fund to help restore historic properties in our state that have a demonstrated public benefit. The grant will require a 10% match.