Cemetery Preservation Program Powers Up

In October, THC launched the Tennessee Historic Cemetery Preservation Program, in response to cemetery-termination public-notification legislation passed by the Tennessee General Assembly in 2018.  This legislation also established THC’s 7-member Historic Cemetery Advisory Committee: Dr. Beverly Bond (Memphis), Ms. Fletch Coke (Nashville), Dr. Kevin J. Hales (Knoxville), Mrs. Linda Moss Mines (Chattanooga), Mr. Nick Fielder (former State Archeologist), Mrs. Loni Harris (Jackson), and Mr. Phil Hodge (present State Archeologist)—who will propose legislative updates to improve historic cemetery protection in December.  

This THC program serves as a resource for identifying, protecting and preserving Tennessee’s historic cemeteries, which is achieved by documenting and providing cemetery-care advice to the public.  The program database holds information on 25,000 cemeteries to date.  Records include official cemetery names, alternate names, locations, and historical information.


72 mph derecho winds toppled two ancient trees in Hoggatt Cemetery at Clover Bottom Mansion in Nashville on May 4, 2020.  No headstones were damaged.