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Project Diabetes

Project Diabetes is a state-funded initiative administered by Tennessee Department of Health.  Grants are awarded to community partners with a focus on reducing overweight and obesity as risk factors for the development of type 2 diabetes. Grant activities are geared toward interventions that are applied before there is any evidence of disease.

Currently funded projects were required to draw upon the prevention goals and strategies identified in the report Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention:  Solving the Weight of the Nation issued by the National Academy of Medicine, formally known as the Institute of Medicine. Priorities for this funding cycle focus on the first two goals of the report:

Goal 1:  Make physical activity an integral and routine part of life.

Objective: Increase physical activity by fostering supportive policies and environments.

Strategy 1-1:  Enhance the physical and built environment.

Strategy 1-2:  Provide and support community programs designed to increase physical activity.

Communities, transportation officials, city planners, health professionals, and governments should make promotion of physical activity a priority by substantially increasing access to places and opportunities for such activity.

Goal 2: Create food and beverage environments that ensure that healthy food and beverage options are the routine, easy choice.    

Objective:  Increase access to healthy foods by fostering supportive policies and environments.

Strategy 2-1:  Adopt policies and implement practices to reduce overconsumption of sugar- sweetened beverages.

Strategy 2-2:  Increase the availability of lower-calorie and healthier food/ beverage options for children in restaurants.

Strategy 2-3:  Promote breastfeeding friendly environments.

Strategy 2-4:  Introduce, modify, and utilize health-promoting food and beverage retailing and distribution policies.

Governments and decision makers in the business community/private sector should make a concentrated effort to reduce unhealthy food and beverage options and substantially increase healthier food and beverage options at affordable, competitive prices.

There are two levels of Project Diabetes funding. Category A grants are funded for up to 3 years for a maximum amount of $150,000 per year. Category B grants are funded for up to 2 years for a maximum amount of $15,000 per year.

Organizations funded in Category A for 2019-2022 are listed below:

Benton County Government
Mayor Brent Lashlee
Benton County
Sidewalk construction to improve walkability of the town of Camden, creating opportunity for children to walk to school safely. Implement a Walking School Bus.

City of Bolivar
Curtis Stack
Hardeman County
Construct a walking trail around Sand Lot Lake. At the same site install a volleyball court, playground and water bottle refill station. Free fitness classes will be offered to the public.

City of Cleveland
Cathy Andrews
Bradley County
Creation of multimodal connectivity for the Blythe Oldfield community. Community members will be able to safely walk/bike to Blythe-Bower Elementary School, Blythe-Bower Park, Family Resource Agency, Blythe-Oldfield Park, Bradley County Health Department and food retailers.

City of Covington
Joe Mack
Tipton County
Develop a bicycle playground for children ages three-twelve on the Newman property. Hire one full-time employee to manage the park and teach children how to ride safely.

City of Kingsport
Robin DiMona
Sullivan County
Upgrades and programming at Lynn View Community Center-renovation of a 30-year-old track, installation of a playground, and basketball/pickleball court. Fitness programs for all ages.

City of Manchester Parks and Recreation
Coffee County
Bonnie Gamble
Install a Fitcore Extreme Obstacle Course behind Riverview Alternative School. Build a year-round farmers market building in Soccer Park and modify a greenhouse to meet ADA requirements.

City of Memphis
Amy Collier
Shelby County
Hire a full-time park activator to coordinate marketing, engagement, development of partnerships, and programs for all ages. Neighborhood residents will be engaged to provide feedback for park improvements and programs to foster a sense of ownership in the park. Parks include Southside, Chandler and Gaston.

City of Parsons
Sylvia Palmer
Decatur County
An active nature trail constructed at Parsons Regional Community Park with destination points, native plantings, signage, and play equipment.

Hancock County Schools
Janie Dalton
Hancock County
"Sqair Fitness Solutions" program offered to all students at Hancock Elementary and Middle School. An evening class will be offered parents and children. Portable disc golf baskets and ping pong tables will be purchased for middle and high school. Game skills and rules will be taught in physical education classes. Events will be scheduled to increase participation in physical activity.

Jefferson County Schools
Tabetha Calangione
Jefferson County
Project Grand Slam; Install lighting for six tennis courts. Tennis will be included in physical education classes K-12. Facilitate a two-bounce tennis club for the disabled.

Knox County Health Department
Cheryl Hill
Knox County
A Park Advisory Committee will be created to identify and engage at least four at-risk communities. Based on feedback, Knox County Health Department (KCHD) and Knoxville Parks and Recreation will implement built environment and park activation activities. The Nutrition Education Activity Training (N.E.A.T) school-based programming will be enhanced. KCHD will assist one hospital with staff and resident breastfeeding education with scholarships for lactation consultants (IBCLC, LC, and CLS). The East TN Wellness Roundtable Gold recognition program will be expanded to include worksite wellness.

Maury County Public Schools
Laurie Stanton
Maury County
Update school kitchens at E. A. Cox Middle School and Whitthorne Middle School to provide cooking and nutrition classes; install walking trails/tracks and improved outdoor space for middle school physical activity.

McNairy Central High School
Jerry Pyron
McNairy County
Resurfacing of a six-lane track and renovation a field house to provide an updated workout facility. Development of physical activity clubs to utilize the new facilities.

Middle Tennessee State University
Cynthia Chafin
Rutherford County
Health-focused materials in freshmen orientation welcome packets, to include water bottles and a campaign to reduce sugar-sweetened beverage intake. MTSU will partner with Student Health Services to promote healthy weight and incorporate beverage choice discussions as part of student healthcare provider appointments. Install three water stations per year in high traffic areas on campus. Partner with dining services to promote "Blue Raiders Drink Up" and healthy eating choices. Partner with UT extension to provide "Cooking Matters" classes for students living off-campus.

Mountain Goat Trail Alliance
Patrick Dean
Grundy and Marion Counties
Three miles of trail will be added to create twelve continuous miles of walking and biking infrastructure to the Mountain Goat Trail. The completed trail will pass through seven towns in three counties and connect with five elementary schools.

Nourish Knoxville
Kimberly Pettigrew
Anderson, Knox, Union and Hamblen Counties
Double Up Food Bucks Program will train farmers markets & a farm store on the Double UP Food Bucks program and program sustainability. A walking program will be piloted at one of the farmers markets to incentivize patrons to walk for fruit and vegetable vouchers. Increase Farm to School actives and access to healthy, local foods and nutrition education among school-aged kids and families.

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation- Healthy Parks Healthy Person
Stacey Levine
Updates to the Healthy Parks/Healthy Person rewards app and park prescriptions to meet the needs of healthcare providers based on their feedback. Hire a full-time Healthy Parks Healthy Person administrator to create productive partnerships and facilitate an advisory group.

The Works, Inc.
Lyndsey Pender
Shelby County
Develop Renaissance Park from an empty lot on Mississippi Blvd. The park will include a walking trail and open greenspace for a South Memphis neighborhood. Renaissance Park will provide year-round programming. Programs will include the Memphis Walking Collective and the South Memphis Move Your Body Bootcamp. Bootcamp will offer yoga, Zumba & high-intensity interval training.

Town of Monterey
Dawn Kupferer
Putnam County
Phase 4 of a rails-to-trails project that will link Monterey and Cookeville with nineteen miles of safe active transportation. The trail will connect to elementary and high schools and include four crosswalks. The project will provide active transportation through the entire linear town of Monterey.

University of Memphis
Genae Strong
Shelby County
Provide leadership to increase policies and practices that support breastfeeding on the Memphis and Jackson campuses. Create lactation rooms across both campuses and build a resource-rich website for breastfeeding assistance. Develop culturally and linguistically appropriate lactation curricula to increase number of lactation professionals. Establish an outpatient clinic to provide support, education materials and training.

Van Buren County Government
Matt Billings
Van Buren County
LED lighting will be added to existing walking tracks and fitness equipment will be installed at community centers. Construction of a new downtown fitness center with an indoor track and fitness equipment.

Warren County Schools
Shannon Railling
Warren County
Install a fitness center at Warren County Middle School and a challenge/obstacle course recreation area.

Organizations funded in Category B for 2019-2022 are listed below:

Carter County Schools
Sonya Miller
Carter County
Develop an after-school initiative focusing on plant-based cooking, gardening, and nutrition education. The purchase of a Charlie Cart will allow for multiple locations.

City of Manchester Parks & Recreation
Bonnie Gamble
Coffee County
Expand Healthier Concessions to school athletic events and the creation of a healthy concessions policy for booster clubs. Outdoor adventure program for youth 11-15 years old.

City of Tullahoma
Winston Brooks
Coffee County
Install lighting for a basketball court in Silver Street Park.

Fayetteville City Schools
Carla Warden
Lincoln County
Install water stations in schools and conduct a campaign for students, faculty, and staff to reduce sugar-sweetened beverages.

Knox County Schools
Ramona Dew
Knox County
Install thirty-two water stations in middle and high schools in Knox County and conduct a campaign to reduce sugar-sweetened beverage consumption in students, faculty, and staff.

Le Bonheur Community Outreach
Nichole Reed
Shelby County
Skills for Nutrition and Culinary Knowledge (SNACK) program for youth 6-18 years old at risk for pre-diabetes/diabetes. Participants will work with recipes at the estimated allotment of SNAP benefits. Garden education will be included through a partnership with Memphis Tilth.

Lewis County Board of Education
Sasha Powers
Lewis County
Install water stations and conduct a campaign for the students, faculty, and staff to reduce the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages.

McBurg Community Center
Betty Cochrane
Lincoln County
Purchase equipment for dance and exercise classes. Funds will be used to pay class instructors and for marketing the new farmers market.

Paris and Henry County Healthcare Foundation, Inc.
Tory Daughrity
Henry County
Read & Ride bikes will be placed in schools and public libraries. Water stations in public parks. The inmate garden project will be enhanced. Construction to take place for sidewalk repairs throughout Henry County.

Polk County Health Council
Jeannie Bentley
Polk County
“Girls On The Run” - trained coaches will lead small teams through research-based curricula which includes dynamic discussions, activities, and running games. Throughout the ten-week program, girls develop essential skills to help them navigate their worlds and establish a lifetime appreciation for health and fitness. The program culminates with girls positively impacting their communities through a service project and being physically and emotionally prepared to complete a celebratory 5K event (this project is funded for one year).

Trousdale County Schools
Kathy Atwood
Trousdale County
Before and after school physical activity programs will be developed. Afternoon nutrition classes will be provided including a Rethink Your Drink campaign to encourage a decrease in the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages.

University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Susan Warner
Shelby County
Culinary Medicine Program - medical school education to teach evidence-based nutrition, core culinary skills, mindfulness and behavior modification using the principles of culinary medicine.

For more information on Project Diabetes, please contact:

Joan Cook, MS, RD Nutritionist IV

Kristina Giard-Bradford, BSW, MAEd, Program Director II


Click here to view videos highlighting past greenway work done in Manchester, Tennessee.

Project Diabetes map 2019_2022