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CVB Chart for amounts starting 11.1.2023

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Download the WIC Shopper App and load your TNWIC card.  This will allow you to check your benefit balance within 24 hours.  For more information on how to download the WIC Shopper App please visit,

The child's Cash Value Benefit (CVB) will increase to $25; pregnant and postpartum Cash Value Benefit (CVB) will increase to $44; breastfeeding women Cash Value Benefit (CVB) will increase to $49; exclusively breastfeeding with multiples Cash Value Benefit (CVB) will increase to $73.50.


Temporary CVB Amount



Pregnant and Postpartum




Exclusively Breastfeeding with multiples


Please contact your local WIC clinic or contact the WIC Hotline (1-800-DIAL-WIC) for assistance.

If you do not see the Temporary CVB Amount in your balance, please contact your local WIC clinic or WIC Hotline (1-800-DIAL-WIC) for assistance.

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Now that TNWIC has been implemented across the state, our “Approved WIC Foods” pamphlets have been updated!  These pamphlets are now called the “Tennessee WIC Shopping Guide” and are available in English, Spanish, and Arabic.  Previously, we had one list for women and children, and a separate one for infants.  These are now combined into one guide.  Please click the links below to view our new Shopping Guide:

You are 1 of the 130,000 participants who receives WIC approved foods each month through redeeming WIC vouchers or WIC electronic benefits at over 800 grocery stores and pharmacies across the state.  In addition, select pharmacy locations provide therapeutic formulas made for infants, children, and adults with specific nutrition or medical disorders.

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WIC foods provide nutrients essential for growth and development.  These nutrients are provided by fruits and vegetables, whole grain foods, low fat milk, cheese, eggs, peanut butter and dry beans and special foods like soy beverages and tofu.  The WIC supplemental foods that are offered to you are aligned with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the American Academy of Pediatrics’ infant feeding guidance.

Your local WIC clinic can provide you with a list of approved grocery stores and pharmacies in your area.  Please refer to the WIC Approved Food Lists and WIC Food List, by Participant Type below for detailed list of WIC foods available to you.

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TNWIC is Here!

The Tennessee WIC Program has moved to an electronic benefit transfer (EBT) system.  Your WIC food benefits are issued into an electronic benefit account.  For more information about TNWIC, click here