WIC and COVID-19

Due to the success of COVID-19 food flexibilities, the Tennessee WIC Program will continue to offer the following:

  • All egg sizes, including organic
  • Organic legumes, including beans and peanut butter
  • Whole Grains, including 16oz organic (*14oz or larger than 16oz will no longer be available)

Please refer to your WIC Shopper app and/or Tennessee WIC Shopping Guide.

Beginning 8/10/23, participants will need to buy the type of milk specified on their benefits.  Whole and 2% will be allowed for purchase only if listed on benefits.

Do you have or need a WIC appointment? Some clinics are offering services by phone. Call your local county health department.

For appointments in Shelby County, call 901-222-9980.

WIC Services by Phone
WIC by Phone - Spanish

These pamphlets are the “Tennessee WIC Shopping Guides” and are available in English, Spanish, and Arabic.  Previously, we had one list for women and children, and a separate one for infants.  These are now combined into one guide.  The guides below do NOT include the items temporarily added to the WIC program during the COVID-19 pandemic. To see the temporarily added items, please scroll to the top of this page. Click the links below to view our Shopping Guide: