TN Area Wide Optimization Program (AWOP)

An Area-Wide Optimization Program (AWOP) is a multi-state effort in which states work together to develop and implement individual state programs to optimize particle removal, disinfection capabilities, and improve distribution water quality. AWOP is designed to assist water systems to work toward optimizing their existing treatment and distribution processes in an effort to increase public health protection.  While originally developed to address microbial contaminants, AWOP has expanded beyond the original tools and is an ever-changing and ever-growing program that now addresses both microbial contaminants and disinfection byproducts. Initial steps are also being taken to investigate how to extend the optimization concept to ground water systems.

The national Area-Wide Optimization Program (AWOP) was established and is supported by USEPA.  The goal of the program is to maximize public health protection by providing water systems the tools, training, and support necessary to optimize treatment and distribution systems. The optimization goals are more stringent than current regulations; thus, providing many benefits including a regulatory buffer for compliance.    

The AWOP approach includes performing Comprehensive Performance Evaluations (CPE), Performance Based Trainings (PBT), Distribution System Optimization (DSO) Training, Data Integrity Workshops, and Targeted Technical Assistance (TTA).  

AWOP is a voluntary program whose primary goal is to maximize public health protection without major capital expenditure, through optimization of existing water treatment and distribution facilities. 

Optimization of the water system is achieved through enhanced process monitoring and control using existing staff and facilities. 

To learn more or become involved in the TN optimization program contact one of the TN AWOP coordinators listed below:

David Money 931-840-4172
Erich Webber 865-364-9502
Lonnie McCloud 931-520-6657

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