TNPOP Funding Resources

Welcome to the funding resources webpage of the Tn POP website!

This page provides information about potential funding resources to support water and wastewater treatment plant optimization projects that have an associated cost.

Tennessee Water and Wastewater
Developed by the North Carolina Environmental Finance Center with cooperation from TDEC, this document provides a comprehensive list of funding sources available in Tennessee for water and wastewater facilities.
EPA’s Water Infrastructure Financing,

Environmental Protection Agency
EPA’s website provides detailed information about federal funding made available in a range of categories related to water and wastewater treatment: Stormwater and Green Infrastructure Financing, Water Efficiency Financing, Energy Efficiency Financing, Water Reuse Financing, Flood Protection Financing, Drought Resiliency Financing. 

Tennessee Community Development Block Grant Program
The Community Development Block Grant, administered by the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development, provides pass through federal funding from HUD to communities to address a range of community problems, including water and wastewater infrastructure and improvements.

Tennessee State Revolving Loan Fund
Tennessee’s State Revolving Fund Loan Program is administered by the Division of Water Resources at TDEC and provides low-interest loans and some loan forgiveness for water and wastewater infrastructure and improvements.