Roadcut Section E

Channel-fill A is composed of crinoid grainstone with planar, horizontal bedding.  This channel-fill has a minimum aspect ratio of 45:1 which indicates a shallow and broad geometry similar to that of channel-fill D in Section D2

The dark gray, fossiliferous shale of unit B only occurs in Sections E and F.  Large (2-4 cm) Spirifer sp. brachiopod shells, solitary corals, and crinoid columnals are common.  The basal contact is a scour surface with up to 15-cm of relief over several meters.

The crinoid grainstone of unit C has planar, horizontal bedding.  The basal contact is a scour surface which completely removes the underlying unit B (dark gray shale) on the western part of the roadcut.  This crinoid grainstone most likely correlates with the upper crinoid grainstone (unit 1) of channel-fill A in Section B.