2015 - 2025 Solid Waste and Materials Management Plan

Objective 8: Develop Sustainable Funding Sources for Sustainable Materials Management


The purpose of this objective is to ensure that state and local governments have sustainable funding sources in place to develop and support programs to manage MSW and materials. TDEC's Division of Solid Waste Management and Office of Policy and Planning are starting discussions to evaluate solid waste fee data.  A small working group of local governments representing diverse solid waste and recycling programs and environmental groups will be participating in fee discussions and assisting with data analysis.  The April 2017 meeting notes can be found on the Objective 1 webpage. Objective 8 was briefly gone over during this meeting. As Objective 8 develops, the working group outcomes will be shared on this website.  

There will be other opportunities to get involved in the implementation of the Objective 8.  We value the input provided by all our stakeholders during this process.  This website will be updated as new opportunities to share your comments and areas of interest arise.

Trey White