2025 Plan Public Participation

In addition to strategies identified in the 2015-2025 Solid Waste and Materials Management Plan, we are interested in hearing from you regarding topics and questions such as: 

Objective 1: How should Tennessee establish numerical goals for waste reduction, diversion or recycling?
Objective 2: How should Tennessee expand recycling access and participation to residential, commercial/industrial and government sectors?
Objective 3: What steps should Tennessee take to address gaps in processing infrastructures and lack of end markets?
Objective 4: How would Tennessee encourage the reuse, source reduction, composting and beneficial use of organics?
Objective 5: How should Tennessee support the adoption of new technologies that promote waste reduction, diversion and recycling?
Objective 6: What are your thoughts about improving education and outreach in Tennessee regarding reuse, recycling, source reduction, composting and beneficial end use?
Objective 7: How would you like Tennessee to ensure sufficient and environmentally sound disposal?
Objective 8: How should Tennessee develop sustainable funding sources to improve and support programs that manage municipal solid waste and materials?

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