Current Fees and Forms for Drycleaners

Tennessee’s Drycleaner Rule requires submittal of a yearly registration form (CN-1063) and payment of a yearly registration fee. You must pay the entire amount of your fees and any penalties before you can legally operate your drycleaner in the state of Tennessee. 

The fees and surcharges are deposited into the Drycleaner Environmental Response Fund. The fund is used to pay for the cost of investigation and cleanup at sites that have drycleaning solvent contamination.

If there has never been a drycleaner at that location, your first registration fee is $500. After that you will follow the fee schedule for active drycleaners.

For active drycleaners, there are five fee categories for each type of solvent: $500.00, $1,000.00, $1,500.00, $2,000.00 or $2,500.00. Fees for active drycleaners are recalculated every year after July 31st and are based on your solvent purchases during the previous fiscal year. Because of this, your fee may not be the same as it was last year. 

Registration Fee Categories for 2024 Calendar Year

The annual fee is based on the amount of drycleaning solvent purchased or transferred between July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023. The 2024 fee categories are as follows:

Active Facilities:

Facilities using light non-aqueous solvent (DF2000; Eco-Solv; Green Earth; etc.):

0.00 - 4.9 gallons – Category 1 – $500.00**

5 - 25 gallons – Category 2 – $1,000.00

25.1 - 55 gallons – Category 3 – $1,500.00

55.1 - 110 gallons – Category 4 – $2,000.00

110.1 gallons or more – Category 5 – $2,500.00

**Rule 0400-15-03-.03(c)(1)(iv) establishes a $500.00 annual registration fee regardless of the amount of solvent used for facilities that have never used dense non-aqueous solvents like Perc. To qualify for the $500.00 annual fee DCERP must receive a certified statement with a notarized signature from the facility owner stating that dense non-aqueous solvent has never been used at the facility location. DCERP will research the facility records to verify the statement and set the annual registration fee at $500.00. The rule also includes a penalty provision if dense non-aqueous drycleaning solvent or product is discovered to have been used at the facility. The penalty is the amount equal to the net amount of the suspended registration fees that would have been assessed if the facility had reported the use of dense non-aqueous drycleaning solvent or product plus any penalties and interest.

Facilities using dense non-aqueous solvent (Perchloroethylene; PCE; Perc, etc.):

0.00 - 14.9 gallons – Category 1 – $500.00

15 - 29.9 gallons – Category 2 – $1,000.00

30 - 59.9 gallons – Category 3 – $1,500.00

60 - 89.9 gallons – Category 4 – $2,000.00

90 gallons or more – Category 5 – $2,500.00

How are fees calculated?

You must submit a quarterly solvent purchase log to DCERP every quarter. Fee categories are determined every year by how much solvent is purchased.   Total solvent purchase amounts across the state are ranked from smallest to largest. The range of solvent quantities is then divided into five groups. Facilities in the lowest group of solvent usage will be billed $500, facilities in the next 20% of solvent usage will be billed $1,000, etc. Facilities in the highest solvent use group will be billed $2,500. It is important to remember that fees are recalculated every year after July 30th. You may not always have the same registration fee amount. All registration invoices will be mailed in September. All fees are due by October 31st. If you do not receive a bill by September 30th, please call DCERP immediately. You are still responsible for the fee even if the invoice is lost in the mail.

You are also charged a surcharge for each gallon of solvent you buy. This surcharge is collected by your supplier when you purchase solvent.

  • $15 for each gallon of dense non-aqueous solvent or product that is purchased
  • $1.50 for each gallon of light non-aqueous solvent or product that is purchased

Abandoned Facilities:

Facilities that are no longer conducting active drycleaning on site and are currently participating in the Response Program for cleanup of contaminated drycleaners have a flat annual registration fee of $2,500.00. These facilities may also have a deductible. 

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