Best Management Practices

Drycleaning uses solvents that can hurt you and the environment. Best Management Practices (or BMPs) are rules to make sure solvent and waste is handled safely. BMPs apply to all drycleaners, no matter what solvent you use. Our BMPs that specifically address Waste Management, Material Storage, Release Management, Employee Certification Training, Secondary Containment, Flooring Integrity, and Solvent Delivery. Not following all BMPs could mean you lose your certificate to operate a drycleaner!

All BMPs can be found within the Drycleaner Environmental Response Program Rules. We have also prepared a Best Management Practices Guide that you may also find helpful. Please contact DCERP if you have specific questions about the BMPs.

In addition to following all BMPs you must submit your solvent purchase log to DCERP every quarter even if you did not buy solvent. If you did not buy solvent, you should write zero on your DCERP Quarterly Solvent Purchase Log and send it to DCERP.

DCERP Administrator