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Programs & Projects

Energy Assurance

OEP is responsible for enhancing Tennessee’s preparedness for disruptions to the State's energy resources, particularly those related to transportation and home heating fuels.

K-12 Tennessee Energy Education Network

The primary goal of the Tennessee Energy Education Network (TEEN) is to engage K-12 students in learning the science of energy and applying what they learn using the school as a real world lab.

Professional Energy Manager (PEM) Program

PEM is a unique opportunity for State employees to enhance their knowledge of the energy management field. Those selected to attend will receive a tuition-free practical and real-world energy management education.

Tennessee Energy Education Initiative

Launched in March 2013, the Tennessee Energy Education Initiative (TEEI) is a collaboration of several energy resource organizations that provides in-depth training and educational tools to support the implementation of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and energy management projects in all sectors.

Tennessee Energy Efficiency Loan Program

EELP launched in the fall of 2010 with the purpose of establishing a low-interest revolving loan fund to assist commercial and industrial businesses in implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements, which, in turn, reduce operating costs, improve productivity, and make Tennessee businesses more competitive.

Tennessee Natural Gas and Propane Vehicle Grant Program

The Tennessee Natural Gas and Propane Vehicle Grant Program will assist public, non-profit, and private Tennessee-based fleets with the investment in and purchase of natural gas or propane-powered medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.