Plans Review and Approval of Sewage Works Construction Plans and Documents

Good news!  Paper copies of wastewater treatment plant and associated infrastructure construction plans and documents are no longer required!  TDEC Division of Water Resources is converting to an electronic plans review process.

If you still need paper copies of the approved documents, electronic copies that can be downloaded and printed will be made available to you.

We are looking forward to lessening our environmental impact by using less paper and eliminating the cost of shipping.

  1. Preliminary Engineering Reports (PERs)
  2. Preliminary construction drawings (PPs)
  3. Engineering Reports (or calculations)(ER) for treatment projects
  4. Final construction documents
    • Final Drawings/Plans 
    • Specifications 
    • Engineering Reports or Calculations
  1. Plans for Drinking Water construction projects
  2. Compliance and Enforcement Documents
  3. Permit applications (NPDES, SOP, ARAP, Construction Stormwater, etc.)
  4. Projects required to be submitted in hard copy
  5. Construction Documents for projects funded by the State Revolving Fund (SRF) Program

1.      Make sure all project documents are in a single folder including:

·         Accurately completed Wastewater Plans Review Fee Worksheet (CN-1457) (Revised February 2019)

·         Approval letter from owner (sample letter)

·         Drawings as a separate single searchable PDF, legible when printed on 11X17 inch paper

·         Specifications as a separate single searchable PDF

·         Engineering report or calculations as a separate single searchable PDF

·         (Please ensure that all drawings, specifications, engineering reports and calculations are sealed by an engineer licensed in Tennessee)

·         Copy of check with routing number, account number, and any other confidential information redacted

2.      Before uploading, the folder must be compressed to a .ZIP file.

·         In Windows, compress the folder by right clicking it, selecting “send to”, and then clicking “compressed (zipped) folder” in the drop down menu. Please use the project name as the folder name.

3.      Click here TN CLOUD

4.      Enter the password: Sewer

5.      Drag and drop entire compressed folder onto the website screen.

6.      A record of files that have been successfully uploaded will be listed at the bottom of page. Please note that the screen may still show "pending" at the top.

7.     Payment:

Electronic Payments:

To make a payment by credit card or electronic check, please click the link below, then "Begin Form Entry". You will need to register for an account (Skip "Add electronic signature capability" when registering).

Make sure the project name matches the plans that were uploaded to TNCloud. 

Electronic Payment Link

Paper Checks:

Although electronic payment is recommended to expedite the process, you can mail paper checks, made out to "Treasurer, State of Tennessee" to:

TDEC Division of Water Resources
            Attn: DWR - ESU Admin
William R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower
312 Rosa. L. Parks Ave., 11th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243

Please include a cover letter stating that the check is enclosed and that the remaining documents were submitted electronically.

Also, include a copy of the letter that was submitted electronically with the plans.  

Note that there is not a review fee required for Preliminary Engineering Reports (PERs)

  1.  Project review will commence once BOTH the plans and the payment are received.
  2.  Review the status of your project HERE.
  3. Once plans are approved, you will receive an e-mail with the approval letter and a unique link to download a PDF of the approved documents.

Paper copies are not required but will be accepted. However, please note that all TDEC-Division of Water Resources storage for wastewater project documents will soon be entirely electronic. Therefore, submission in electronic format will still be requested.

Up to 4 copies may be submitted and returned by mail. If you are able to receive the approved copies electronically, please only submit one copy of the paper version of documents.

Please submit hard copy plans (including appropriate fees and cover letters) to:

TDEC Division of Water Resources
Attn: DWR - ESU Admin
William R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower
312 Rosa. L. Parks Ave., 11th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243

Design Criteria for Sewage Works

Guidance for municipalities and industries for the design of sewage systems and wastewater treatment plants.

Design Criteria for Review of Sewage Works Construction Plans and Documents


Design Criteria Chapter 1 - General Engineering Requirements

Wastewater Plans Review Fee Worksheet (CN-1457)

Design Criteria Chapter 2 - Collection Systems

Design Criteria Chapter 3 - Laboratory, Personnel, Maintenance Facilities and Safety Design

Design Criteria Chapter 4 - Preliminary and Pretreatment Facilities

Design Criteria Chapter 5 - Clarifiers

Design Criteria Chapter 6 - Fixed Film Reactors

Design Criteria Chapter 7 - Activated Sludge (Appendix 7-A)

Design Criteria Chapter 8 - Nitrification

Design Criteria Chapter 9 - Ponds and Aerated Lagoons

Design Criteria Chapter 10 - Disinfection

Design Criteria Chapter 11 - Tertiary Treatment / Advanced Wastewater Treatment

Design Criteria Chapter 12 - Sludge Processing and Disposal

Design Criteria Chapter 13 - Plant Flow Measurement and Sampling

Design Criteria Chapter 14 - Instrumentation, Control and Electrical Systems

Design Criteria Chapter 15 - Small Alternative Wastewater Systems

Design Criteria Chapter 16 - Design Guidelines for Wastewater Treatment Systems Using Spray Irrigation

Design Criteria Chapter 17 - Design Guidelines for Wastewater Dispersal Using Drip Irrigation

Robert G. O'Dette, M.S., P.E


Administrative questions or trouble uploading documents, please contact:

Technical questions , please contact Tim Hill: