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Plans Review and Approval for Public Water Systems

Good news! Paper copies of public water supply plan documents are no longer required! The TDEC Division of Water Resources is converting to an electronic plans review process.

Please note that the TNCloud portal for electronic submittal of public water supply plan documents is different than the portal for the submittal of sewer plan documents. Do not submit water supply plan documents through the sewer plan portal and vice versa. 

If you still need paper copies of the approved documents, electronic copies that can be downloaded and printed will be made available to you.

We are looking forward to lessening our environmental impact by using less paper and eliminating the cost of shipping.

  1. Construction Plans/Drawings
  2. Specifications
  3. Engineering Reports
  4. Design Calculations/Hydraulics
  5. Cover/Transmittal Letters
  6. Water Supplier Approval/Acceptance Letters
  7. Copies of Fee Payment Checks
  8. Plans Review Fee Worksheets
  9. Addenda and Change Orders
  1. Plan Documents for Sewer/Wastewater Projects
  2. Compliance and Enforcement Documents
  3. Plan Documents for Projects Funded by the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund

1.     Make a single folder containing all plan documents including:

(Note: Please do not submit multiple folders for a single project or multiple projects in a single folder)

a.      A cover/transmittal letter with contact information, a return email address, and a brief project description

b.     Completed Drinking Water Plans Review Fee Worksheet (CN-1188)

c.      Approval letter from the water supplier or their signature/stamp on the plans

d.     Plans/Drawings as a single, searchable PDF (legible when printed 11 x 17)

e.      Specifications as a separate, single, searchable PDF (specifications not required on all projects)

f.      Engineering report or design calculations/hydraulics as a separate, single, searchable PDF

g.     Copy of the fee payment check with routing number, account number, and any confidential information redacted

h.     Plans and specifications must generally be sealed/signed by a Tennessee licensed professional engineer (small water line projects 3000 feet or less in length and serving 10 or fewer service connections may be submitted without a professional engineering seal/signature).


2.     Before uploading, the folder must be compressed to a .ZIP file

In windows, compress the folder by right clicking it, selecting “send to”, and then clicking “compressed (zipped) folder” in the drop down menu.  Please name the folder with a brief project name.

3.      Click here  TN CLOUD


4.     Enter the password:   water


5.     Drag and drop the entire compressed folder into the box on the website screen


6.     A record of files that have been successfully uploaded will be listed at the bottom of the page.  Please note that the screen may still show “pending” at the top.


7.     Mail the fee payment check (payable to Treasurer, State of Tennessee) along with a copy of the project cover/transmittal letter to:

TDEC Division of Water Resources
Attention: Drinking Water Unit
WR Snodgrass TN Tower
312 Rosa Parks Avenue, 11th Floor
Nashville TN 37243
  1. Project review will commence when both the electronic plan documents and the fee payment are received.
  2. Check on the review status of your project HERE
  3. Once the plans are approved, you will receive an email with an attached approval letter and a unique link to download a PDF of the stamped, approved plan documents.

Paper Submission of Plan Documents

We are strongly encouraging electronic submittal of plan documents for public water supply projects. 

If you must submit hard/paper copies, please include a copy of the plan documents on electronic media along with the hard/paper submittal.  Paper plans may be submitted to the address listed above. 


Contact Liz Campbell at: or


This Page Last Updated: April 10, 2020 at 10:43 AM