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Aquatic Resource Alteration List of General Permits

Permit Description

General Permit

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General Permit for Minor Water Withdrawals Minor Water Withdrawals
General Permit for NRCS Streambank Stabilization NRCS Bank Stabilization  (Appendix A - Affirmation)

General Permit for Bank Armoring and Vegetative Stabilization

Bank Armoring

General Permit for Construction or Removal of Minor Road Crossings

Minor Road Crossings

General Permit for Construction of Public Access Structures and Boat Ramps

Public Access Structures

General Permit for Construction of Intake and Outfall Structures

Intake Outfall Structures

General Permit for Emergency Infrastructure Repair

Emergency Infrastructure Repair

General Permit for Maintenance Activities


General Permit for Minor Alterations to Wetlands

Minor Wetlands

General Permit for Minor Dredging in Reservoirs, Lakes, and Ponds

Minor Dredging

General Permit for Gravel Removal

Gravel Removal

General Permit for Sediment Removal for Stream Remediation

Sediment Removal

General Permit for Surveying and Geotechnical Exploration

Surveying Geotechnical

General Permit for Utility Line Crossings

Utility Line

General Permit for Minor Stream Grade Stabilization

Minor Stream Grade Stabilization

General Permit for Stream and Wetland Habitat Enhancement


General Permit for Recreational Prospecting


General Permit for Structural Discharges

Structural Discharges

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