Planning & Public Participation

Tennessee State Parks are forever and for everyone. Our work is guided by our vision, mission, and core values:


A thriving system of state parks that engages, enriches, and inspires all Tennesseans and our visitors.


To preserve, protect, and share Tennessee’s natural and cultural resources while providing safe, quality outdoor experiences.

Core Values

We believe there is inherent value in Tennessee’s natural environment. We believe that the observation and experience of natural beauty and processes in a setting removed from the hectic world of the day-to-day can uplift and re-create the human spirit.

We also believe there is value in physical reminders of our past. Without history, there is nothing upon which to base our understanding of the present or our dreams of the future.

Our natural and cultural resources provide context and continuity to our lives and help to make us whole. The intrinsic worth of these resources is beyond monetary consideration. We so value these things that we intend to preserve and protect them, even in the face of whatever may be the fashion of the moment, so that all may enjoy them forever.

We share these resources and protect them for the benefit of current and future generations, investing in the development of future stewards to carry our work forward. We are committed to providing parks and programs that are safe, welcoming, and inviting to everyone.

With our vision and mission positioned first and foremost, we utilize a Comprehensive System Plan and park-specific Strategic Management Plans to manage our state parks.

Comprehensive Strategic Plan

Comprehensive Strategic Plan Webinar

Individual Park Management Plans

The Comprehensive System Plan has provided a larger framework to inform and guide the creation of each park’s Strategic Management Plan. These plans are grounded in four cornerstone goals:

The Resources

Exemplary Natural and Cultural Stewardship

Goal: Tennessee State Parks will be nationally recognized for exemplary stewardship of natural and cultural resources.

The Amenities

Well-Maintained Facilities and Amenities

Goal: Tennessee State Parks will be well maintained with facilities and amenities that delight visitors and make Tennesseans proud.

The Visitor

Welcoming and Inviting to All

Goal: Tennessee State Parks will be the most accessible, welcoming, and inviting system of parks that enriches Tennesseans and visitors through excellent interpretation, education, and resource-based recreation.

The Operations

Operational Excellence

Goal: Tennessee State Parks will be a national model for operational excellence in a state park system.

Public Comments

The official comment period has ended. Tennessee State Parks is reviewing the comments and considering updates to the plans. Please check back at to review responses to comments and updates to both the Comprehensive Strategic Plan and the individual park strategic plans.

While it will not be an official comment for the park planning process, you can email with any questions you may have about Tennessee State Parks.

Building on this foundation, draft plans were tailored to individual parks. The draft Strategic Management Plans can be viewed below:

*Draft management plans for Old Stone Fort, Dunbar Cave, Roan Mountain, and Paris Landing State Parks are still in development and not yet ready for public notices.

Public Hearings

By law, each management plan includes the goals and projections for State Parks for the next ten years and must be put on public notice.

Public hearings to present the draft Strategic Management Plans and receive public comments will take place this fall. Consider joining us for a public hearing near you:

Tennessee State Parks are forever and for everyone, and we thank you for your interest and support.