TDOE Releases Final Set of Explainer Resources for TISA, the Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement

Monday, March 21, 2022 | 09:55am


Proposed Student-Based Public School Funding Formula Focused on Tennessee’s Future

Nashville, TN— Today, the Tennessee Department of Education released the final set of explainer resources about the Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement (TISA) to provide additional details on how the proposed student-based public education funding formula would focus on the needs of each individual student and ensure they are prepared for postsecondary success. 

Starting in the 2023-24 school year, the TISA would invest an estimated $9 billion in education funding for the state, including state and local funds, which would include an additional recurring state investment of $1 billion. The TISA is designed to empower each student to read proficiently by third grade, prepare each high school graduate for postsecondary success, and provide resources needed for all students to ensure they succeed.

“For the first time in 30 years, Tennessee has the historic opportunity to change how we fund public education and focus on the future of our students and our state,” said Commissioner Penny Schwinn. “The Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement would fund the future of our students by ensuring they have the needed supports and resources to be prepared for postsecondary success and the workforce.” 

Many helpful resources include: 

  • Local Funding 1-Pager: This overview explains how county and local governments contribute to a student-based public school funding formula. Under the TISA, districts would receive more than they would under the BEP should enrollment remain stable. 
  • Funding for Tennessee’s Future Video: As Tennessee’s workforce and economic future continue to grow, a student-based public education funding formula would best serve the needs of each student to ensure they are postsecondary ready.
  • Social Media Graphics: These graphics highlight how a student-based funding formula would best support Tennessee students.
  • TISA FAQs: Developed after conversations with directors of schools across the state, these FAQs provide more detail on implementation of the proposed formula.

Last fall, Governor Lee announced the state would review its public school funding formula. The Tennessee Department of Education and the General Assembly convened 18 funding subcommittees, organized a legislative steering committee, and provided over 1,000 opportunities for the public to engage, including 16 public town halls and local match conversations across the state. This January, Gov. Lee and Commissioner Schwinn released a draft framework for the new student-based K-12 funding formula, which incorporated input from thousands of Tennesseans.

To learn more about student-based funding, Tennessee’s recent public engagement process and subcommittee recommendations, and to access additional resources, visit the department’s website

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