National Adoption Competency Mental Health Training

The National Adoption Competency Mental Health Training Initiative, also known as NTI, is for mental health and child welfare professionals who work with children who are moving to, or have achieved permanency, through adoption or guardianship.

This training offers a state of the art, evidence- and trauma-informed trainings for child welfare professionals to enhance competency and improve outcomes for children and families. NTI training helps you help children & families with: Increased knowledge of the complexities of adoption, kinship and guardianship. Enhanced professional skills needed to promote stability and permanency for children and their families. Improved capacity to apply trauma-informed, attachment-based casework and more!

Benefits of NTI

  • Free state of the art, web-based, standardized training that gives you the ability to learn at your own pace
  • Engaged and active participation throughout the modules
  • Deeper dive learning with downloadable free resources
  • Discover more benefits and features for Child Welfare Professionals and Mental Health Professionals

How to Access Training

If you are a state employlee or other professional who has an account in the Edison training system, click the Training in Edison tab above for more information.

Child welfare professionals and mental health practitioners who are not in the Edison system are able to access web-based training via the NTI website. On the websvite, click "Enroll in NTI: Access Your Free Training!" then select the learning system you want to use to take the training and follow the prompts.


NTI was funded through a cooperative agreement (#90CO1121) between the Children's Bureau and the Center for Adoption Support and Education (CASE).

The titles below are available for staff to take in Edison. Each course is worth 2 hours of training credit. Each participant is required to complete Module 1: A Case for Adoption Competency before taking the other modules. The rest of the modules may be taken in any order.

Use the course ID in the table below to search for the trainings in Edison.

Course ID Module
CHCB4028 Module 1: A Case for Adoption Competency
CHCB4029 Module 2: Understanding the Mental Health Needs of Children and Youth
CHCB4030 Module 3: Enhancing Attachment and Bonding for Children
CHCB4031 Module 4: How Race, Ethnicity, Culture, and Diversity Impact the Adoption and Guardianship Experience and Mental Health Needs of Children
CHCB4032 Module 5: Impact of Loss and Grief Experiences on Children's Mental Health
CHCB4033 Module 6: Impact of Early and Ongoing Trauma on Child and Family Development, Brain Growth and Development, and Mental Health
CHCB4034 Module 7: Positive Identity Formation
CHCB4035 Module 8: Promoting Family Stability and Preservation: Pre and Post Adoption and Guardianship