Certified TN KEY Trainers and Home Study Writers

 Below is a list of trainers and staff who are certified to deliver foster parent pre-approval training, Tennessee KEY. Additionally, a list of certified home study writers for Profile of Parenting Study, as well as a list of certified home study approvers, is provided under the Certified Home Study Writers tab.

Master Trainers are certified to deliver the curriculum to new trainers during Training for Trainers (T4T), as well as delivery to general training participants. The trainers below are certified to deliver Tennessee KEY T4T. 

Tennessee KEY Master Trainer Agency Contact
Ronya Faulkner Department of Children's Services Ronya.R.Faulkner@tn.gov
Joye Duvall Department of Children's Services Joye.G.Duvall@tn.gov
Arminta Chambers Department of Children's Services
Tamara Gray Department of Children's Services
Bethany Henderson Department of Children's Services Bethany.Henderson@tn.gov
Andrea Nash Department of Children's Services Andrea.Nash@tn.gov
Shianne Newell Department of Children's Services
Courtney Cleek Department of Children's Services Courtney.Cleek@tn.gov
Kim Bracken Harmony Family Center  
Lillian Hampton Harmony Family Center  
Judy Lewis Harmony Family Center  

The Original Certification column indicates the date the trainer completed the T4T and was initially certified as a trainer for the curriculum. All trainers certified to deliver TN KEY must deliver at least one TN KEY group within six months of initial certification and provide copies of sign-in sheets to the Office of Training and Professional Development. Thereafter, trainers must deliver at least one group annually to maintain certification. Trainers will also be required to attend any curriculum update T4Ts as they are made available by the Office of Training and Professional Development.

Last updated April 3, 2024

Full Original Certification

The individuals in the table below have been certified to write Profile of Parenting Study home studies. Individuals with a date in the POPS Supervisor column have been certified to approve these home studies.

Last updated June 6, 2024