Frequently Asked Questions

DCS Internal Audit Division’s main objective is to audit the efficiency and effectiveness of processes, not people, and find solutions, not point fingers. Concerns are discussed as identified and action plans are developed in collaboration with our Audit Customers to address the root causes of any identified concerns.

The Internal Audit Team continuously strives to deliver high quality services that add value to the goals and visions of DCS through our work while performing audits, assurances, consultations, and inquiries.

You may contact the Internal Audit Division if you want to request an audit. At this time, we will discuss the request to determine if we can assist in any way.

For scheduled audits, the Internal Audit Division will communicate in advance to Senior Management of the selected Division, Unit and/or Function about the upcoming audit. After being notified, the Division can begin preparing for the audit by completing the following, but not limited to:

Gather and provide an updated organization chart, lists of key personnel and their job descriptions, process flowcharts, operating policies and procedures.

If applicable, provide recent copies of any external audit reports or reviews completed on your Division within the audit period.

Inform the Division staff about the upcoming audit and encourage full cooperation with the Audit Team.

If applicable, assign areas of the audit scope to key employees so they can effectively plan and prepare to respond to audit requests.

Contact the Audit Team, in a timely manner, if you have questions or comments about the upcoming audit.