State probation services are provided in all 95 counties; but the numbers are low to none for Davidson, Shelby, Knox and Hamilton counties because those courts employ their own probation officers.

DCS Juvenile Justice Family Service Workers (JJ FSWs) assess individual risk factors and needs, make and monitor service referrals, and make sure youth stay involved and accountable throughout the community supervision process in order to address the youth’s needs and ensure public safety.

DCS Juvenile Justice Family Service Workers (JJ FSWs) are responsible for supervising youth who have been placed on state probation by:

  • Ensuring court ordered conditions (Rules of Probation) are followed.
  • Use the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) assessment tool to decide the level of supervision and guide interventions.
  • Empowering and engaging the youth and family in the development of an individualized Family Permanency Plan that will chart a “plan of action” on how the needs/concerns identified in assessments will be addressed.
  • Maintaining contact with youth, parents/guardians, school officials and service providers.
  • Maintaining face-to-face contact with youth through home and school visits.
  • Monitoring school attendance, behavior and grades.
  • Conducting random drug screens.
  • Working with local courts.