Frequently Asked Questions

The age of youth at either Wilder or Mt. View-Hardware Secure range from 14 to 19.  Placement into a secure facility may be appropriate if one or more of the following criteria are met:

a) The youth was adjudicated for a violent or attempted violent offense for which he has not received treatment;

b) The youth has two or more felony offense adjudications on his record, one of which must be a violent offense or crime against a person;

c) The youth is 18 years old or within 90 days of his 18th birthday; or

d) The youth has a history of adjudicated delinquent offenses and is currently determinately committed

Upon arrival at Wilder YDC your child is in the Classification period; during which time youth receive an intake screening and health orientation, an inventory of personal property, issue of state clothing and a room assignment.  All youth will have a medical and dental screening within seven (7) days. As soon as youth arrive at the YDC, they begin school.

Youth receive an orientation to facility rules along with a hard copy of the “Youth Handbook”, available in English and Spanish that provides the youth with information about the:

  • Wilder Program
  • Youth Code of Conduct
  • Positive Behavior Model used (explaining the Point System and Privilege Levels)
  • YDC Level System
  • Major offenses subject to discipline
  • Enforcement schedule for discipline, major offenses
  • Process on how to report sexual misconduct, sexual abuse and sexual harassment
  • Items that are considered contraband
  • Visitation schedules
  • Guidelines for sending and receiving letters