Request Information for Birth Parents

In the State of Tennessee, birth parents have the following rights after their child has been adopted:

  • Once an adopted person reaches the age of 21, eligible parties, including birth parents, can request access to the adoptee’s record if the adopted person gives written consent.  Directions on how to request records can be found here.
  • The state can release non-identifying information to a birth parent without the consent of the adopted person. 
  • The Contact Veto Registry is available to a parent that voluntarily surrenders their parental rights. This Registry allows parents, siblings, spouses, grandchildren and legal representatives of the adopted child to maintain a record of their contact information.
  • If an adopted person wants to make contact with a person on the registry after they turn 21, they will have access to this information if they request it. 
  • Check our FAQ page or contact us for more commonly asked questions and answers about Post Adoption Services.