July 2021 Open Line

June Employee of the Month

It’s National Blueberry Month!

 Blueberries are bursting with benefits. One cup of blueberries is 80 calories and filled with essential nutrients. These nutrients help with heart health, the immune system, energy, regularity, and more.  

 Want ideas for ways to enjoy blueberries? Check out the healthy recipe section on the WFHTN website, which includes recipes like Healthier Blueberry Muffins and a Red, White, and Blue Parfait

 And learn more about where you can find fresh Tennessee produce and fun on local farms near you HERE.


Join this upcoming LIVE Workout with WFHTN on Tuesday, July 20, 9:30-9:45 a.m. Central / 10:30-10:45 a.m. Eastern.

Workout: WFHTN
Regional Wellness Coordinator Kayla will be leading a seated core workout for ALL fitness levels.

Attire: Anything you can move in

Equipment Needed: Just the chair you’re sitting in!

 ** Please sign this digital waiver prior to the live workout.  

Download your calendar appointment for the workout HERE.

The Here4TN Hunt is Here!

Do you know all that Here4TN has to offer you as a State employee?

Life’s full of challenges and Here4TN can make them easier.

Take the virtual Here4TN Scavenger Hunt to find out all the ways Here4TN can help YOU!  

Link to access the July Here4TN Scavenger Hunt:

 (Submission Tip: Be sure to hit the green ‘Submit’ button after each question.)  

**The Here4TN Scavenger Hunt is open July 12-23.** 

P.S. A random 50 employees who complete the July Here4TN Scavenger Hunt will score a Here4TN phone wallet!  


Wednesday July 14 from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Central/12:30-1:30 p.m. Eastern

With this program, participants will learn to identify personal barriers to living life simply through examining their inner beliefs. Program highlights also include examinations of inner pressures and how excuse-making helps people avoid c hange.

Participants will:

• Define values and beliefs

• Identify methods for decluttering

• Explore streamlining chores and commitments

• Discuss the importance of supportive relationships

• Write a personal action plan for how to simplify life** PLEASE REGISTER HERE **


Let’s take a mental break to help lower stress and bring some calm into your day. Join us for a live Mindfulness Break with Working for a Healthier Tennessee!

This will take place on Thursday, July 15 from 1:00-1:15 PM Central/2:00-2:15 PM Eastern.

What to Expect: Regional Wellness Coordinator Morgan will be leading mindfulness practices that you can take with you throughout your day and life. This will be a chance to relax and learn techniques for becoming more mindful. No equipment needed!** JOIN THIS LINK AT THE TIME OF THE BREAK. **


Ready for an activity break to help you feel energized and motivated?

It’s time for our next Live Workout with Working for a Healthier Tennessee! Join us on Thursday, July 8
9:30-9:45a.m. Central/10:30-10:45a.m. Eastern.

Workout: Regional Wellness Coordinator Kayla will be leading a loop resistance band workout for ALL fitness
levels. Attire: Anything you can move in!

Equipment Needed: Loop resistance band. 

Please sign this digital waiver prior to the live
workout: Click here: https://forms.gle/EnSGxwn2RZwsbhMJ9



Get fit with the DCS Wellness Council on Fridays! You can expect a livestream
workout handpicked by your Wellness Council members. 

Every Friday from 11 - 11:15 a.m. Central CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE TEAMS MEETING

Staff Shoutout


DCS is working on producing a version of the Full Disclosure Video for our Spanish-speaking customers.  A special thanks to our own DCS staff members Bonnie Ortiz, Mary Platillero-Howard, and Chris Ramos for volunteering their time and expertise to this project.  We are very excited to offer an additional resource to families who are Spanish-speaking and to our staff who serve those families.

New Pandemic Aid for Former Tennessee Foster Youth


Some former foster youth are now eligible for federal stimulus funds! We need your help to let them know so they can get their money. Please share the information on this page with any young adults who were in foster care at age 14 or older and are currently 18-26. 

Congratulations 2020 DCS Employees of the Year!


GOT YOUR DREAM TEAM TOGETHER!? The DCS Wellness Council is excited to be hosting the "Can Your Team Walk Across TN Challenge"! This is a team-based walking challenge where the goal is simple - to walk as far as you can as a team over a four-week period. Recruit your Team, come up with a fun Team name, and let us know you're in it to win it by Wednesday, June 30 and register your Team HERE(Learn more details about this challenge HERE.) 




July is Park and Recreation Month! Parks are at the center of so many experiences and memories. Our local parks are often our first experiences in nature, our introduction to a favorite hobby or physical activity. They are places to gather with friends and family, spaces to celebrate life’s special moments, spots of respite and healing, sites that connect us with essential community services, and so much more. This July, let's get active outdoors by visiting Tennessee Greenways, Trails or State Parks in recognition of Park and Recreation Month!



Hot weather provides opportunities for us to enjoy the outdoors. Take steps to keep yourself safe and healthy, both indoors and outdoors!

SUSTAINABILITY IN THE OFFICE - TIP #4! Rachel Jones (Administrative Services Assistant II with DCS Human Resources) is sharing more of her World Environment Day tips as we get back into the office environment. Here's tip #4: 

  • Coffee Coalition: "What better transition to talk about coffee than having your own mug? By forming a “Coffee Coalition” you can save your office from producing food waste and keep the caffeine flowing. Try learning who around you drinks coffee and then purchasing your coffee, creamers, sweeteners and supplies in bulk. If you buy one large creamer at the start of the month and offer to share with the group, you reduce the need for 10 different creamers all being labeled in the fridge and going bad before they can be used up. Concerned about the cost? Try starting a jar where people can contribute change and as needed, one person can pick up the coffee supplies." 



Want to relieve your body aches and take a moment to de-stress? Join us for a LIVEstream Workout with Working for a Healthier Tennessee (WFHTN)! 

** Please sign this digital waiver prior to the live workout. Click here: https://forms.gle/EnSGxwn2RZwsbhMJ9 **


Get fit with the DCS Wellness Council on Fridays! You can expect a live stream workout handpicked by our own DCS Wellness Council members. 

** HOW-TO JOIN: Join the TEAMS link at 11 a.m. Central HERE. **

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