TFACTS Enhancement


On Friday, May 28, we’re planning a four-day pause of most Tennessee Family and Child Tracking System access to install new features to DCS’ case management system.

Why It Matters

We are refining TFACTS to make it easier to use and to generate more powerful insights.  For instance, the new features will include:

  • Upgraded payment processing
  • Stronger tools to link payments to the services that are provided
  • Direct tracking insights that will show us the effectiveness of the services we’re providing to children and families, boosting our ability to provide evidence-based outcomes.

So Far

Our staff and private providers have been training for weeks and performing extensive user testing. And we have timed the pause over the Memorial Day holiday so that it will not affect foster-parent and adoptive-parent payment schedules.

The Timeline

  • The enhancements will be installed Friday, May 28 - Monday, May 31, making TFACTS available again Tuesday, June 1. We will have a command center to monitor the conversion process and to keep track of system performance during and after the installation.
  • This means that TFACTS will be paused for only one business day.
  • No software update is 100 percent perfect, and we’re prepared to keep improving and adjusting too.

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