Tennessee Sex Offender Treatment Board

The Sex Offender Treatment Board is administratively housed at the Tennessee Department of Correction.  The Board consists of 13 appointed individuals dedicated to the mission of reducing the likelihood of sexually based offenders.

In 1995, the Tennessee General Assembly created the Sex Offender Treatment Board in the Department of Correction.  The General Assembly declared, reference TCA 39-13-702 (a), that the “…comprehensive evaluation, identification, treatment, and continued monitoring of sex offenders who are subject to the supervision of the criminal justice system are necessary in order to work toward the elimination of recidivism by the offenders.”

The General Assembly charged the Board with the following activities:

Developing and prescribing a standardized procedure for the evaluation and identification of sex offenders

Developing and implementing methods of intervention

Development of guidelines and standards for a system of programs for the treatment of sex offenders placed on probation, parole, community corrections, or incarcerated in the Department of Correction.

Additionally, the Board was charged with researching and analyzing the program effectiveness, developing and prescribing an offender tracking system and developing a system for monitoring offender behavior.