October 28, 2020 Charter Commission Meeting

October 28, 2020, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm


October 28, 2020

9:00 am to 1:00 pm


Dial-in: (415) 655-0003 Password: 171 577 1694


I. Welcome
Tom Griscom, Commission Chair

II. Roll Call

III. Review of Agenda

IV. Approval of Prior Minutes

V. Report: Rules & Policy Committee
Terence Patterson, Committee Chair

Final Reading: Authorizer Policies
     A. Policy 2.400 - Renewal Appeals and Renewal of Charter Agreements
     B. Policy 2.500 - Charter School Revocation
     C. Policy 4.200 - Core Authorizing Principles
     D. Policy 4.300 - Charter Agreements
     E. Policy 4.400 - Oversight and Evaluation
     F. Policy 4.500 - Charter School Autonomy
     G. Policy 4.600 - Charter School Intervention
     H. Policy 4.700 - Charter School Performance Framework
     I. Policy 4.800 - LEA as a Sponsor

First and Final Reading: 
     A. Policy 1.200 – Commission Meetings

VI. Report: Business Operations Committee
Tom Griscom, Committee Chair

First and Final Reading: 
     A. Office Space Proposal,
          1. Attachment from STREAM

     B. Fiscal Year 2022 Charter Commission Budget
          1. Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Overview
          2. Fiscal Year 2022 Proposed Budget
          3. Fiscal Year 2022 Authorizer Fee Projection
          4. Overview of the School Funding Cycle

    C. 2021 Charter Commission Meetings

VII. Presentation: Achievement School District Transition Plan Updates
Dr. Eve Carney, Tennessee Department of Education, Chief of Schools and Districts

VIII. Executive Director Updates
Tess Stovall, Executive Director

IX. Public Comment

X. Closing Discussion and Adjournment
Tom Griscom, Commission Chair