Critical Incident Response Team

Contact Information:
Lieutenant Andy C. Shelton, Sr.
1150 Foster Avenue
Nashville, TN 37243
Office (615) 251-5198
Fax (615) 253-5981

The Tennessee Highway Patrol’s Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) is responsible for assisting other members of the Department in the investigation and reconstruction of motor vehicle traffic crashes. The unit is staffed with THP personnel and all members receive extensive training in traffic crash investigation.

The CIRT unit consists of four teams statewide, each covering two of the eight THP districts. A Lieutenant oversees command of the unit, and each team has a Sergeant who serves as the Team Supervisor. All of the teams are outfitted with the most advanced tools and equipment available to assist them in the investigation of traffic crashes and other incidents. This equipment includes the following:

  • Data collectors and data collection software for land surveying
  • Laser total stations for the expeditious and precise measuring of crash and crime scenes
  • Accelerometers which are used to determine the coefficients of friction of roadway surfaces as well as vehicle acceleration rates
  • Crash data retrieval systems to enable the collection and interpretation of information stored in a vehicle’s air bag module
  • Video and digital cameras for the documentation of evidence
  • Generators and external lighting devices
  • Air compressors and tools to aid in the examination of vehicles
  • Fingerprint equipment to lift both latent and inked prints
  • Computers that collect, store, communicate, and retrieve all of the Unit’s information
  • DART Drag Sled Systems
  • DNA Collection Kits
  • Specialized Equation Calculators
  • Window Tint Meters

Since the inception of the CIRT unit in April 2001, members have assisted in over 3,198 cases throughout Tennessee. While primarily responsible for internal investigations, CIRT has also assisted many local and federal law enforcement agencies as well as other state agencies. CIRT is also responsible for the investigation of all criminal homicides investigated by the THP.

Trooper with camera on side of road
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Trooper vehicle