Captain Wayne Sellers


Captain Wayne Sellers started his career with the Tennessee Highway Patrol in 1989 as a road trooper in Giles County, Tennessee. After spending five years in Giles County, he was transferred to Maury County. In 1997, Sellers was promoted to Sergeant and returned to Giles County, Tennessee. In January 2002, Sellers was promoted to Troop A Lieutenant, which consisted of overseeing field operations for Giles, Lincoln, and Lawrence counties. In April 2014, Sellers was promoted as Lawrenceburg District Captain, where he commands field operations for 11 counties in that region.

Captain Sellers is a 2008 graduate from the Northwestern School of Police Staff and Command. He is also a traffic crash reconstructionist, and a District Field Training Coordinator. Captain Sellers served on the internal staff inspections unit, and served as a subject matter expert in developing the Sergeant and Lieutenant promotional exams.