Highway Vending

Highway Vending

Have you ever been driving along one of Tennessee's interstate highways and stopped at a rest area or welcome center and noticed some conveniently placed vending machines? You were thirsty or maybe wanted a quick snack. You dropped some money in the machines, got your soda or pack of crackers, and went on your way. Well, you probably didn't know it but you had just patronized one of Tennessee Business Enterprises' most visible locations. TBE is proud that it has an opportunity to serve the traveling public in our great state.

TBE operates locations at 19 rest areas and 11 welcome centers. At the welcome centers, TBE assigns one of its licensed Managers to service the machines just like it would at any other TBE facility. Enclosed, climate controlled buildings have been constructed to house the vending machines. TBE's licensed Manager stocks the machines and insures that they are working properly. A wide variety of products are vended through these machines.

The rest areas, which are located internally within the state, are operated differently. At these locations, TBE has elected to partner with private companies to provide the service. TBE contracts with the bottling companies to provide the drink machines and local vending companies provide the snack machines. These locations are limited to selling only cold drinks and snack items. The profits from these machines go into TBE's operating budget to help pay insurance premiums for blind vendors and their dependents, cover ongoing support of other TBE operations, and to help create new opportunities for licensed Managers.


Welcome Centers
I-81 South Sullivan County
I-40 West Cocke County
I-75 South Campbell County
I-75 North Hamilton County
I-24 East Hamilton County
I-24 West Grundy County
I-24 East Montgomery
I-65 South Robertson County
I-65 North Giles County
I-155 South Dyer County
I-40 East Shelby County
I-55 North Shelby County
I-40 E & W Smith County
I-26 Unicoi County

Rest Areas
I-81 N & S Greene County
I-81 N & S Jefferson County
I-40 East Jefferson County
I-40 E & W Cumberland County
I-75 N & S McMinn County
I-24 East Marion County
I-24 E & W Grundy County
I-40 E & W Dickson County
I-40 E & W Benton County
I-40 E & W Madison County

If you have visited one of our welcome center or rest area facilities, e-mail your comments to us. We want to be able to serve you the public better.