Become a Licensed Provider

The Office of Licensure takes pride in having the best providers. We are here to assist you in becoming a licensed provider of Mental Health and/or Substance Abuse Services in Tennessee.

What is the Process to Become Licensed?

1.  Familiarize yourself with the services and facilities we license.

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2.  Complete and submit the following forms to Regional Office of Licensure nearest the location to be licensed.

           1. Initial Application     

           2. Fact Sheet     

           3. Background Check and Privacy Statement Form

           4. Financial Statement 

3.  Submit licensing fee (See the Fee Schedule for information on costs of licensing a facility/service or ask your regional office.) You will be sent an invoice once the above forms have been received by the Office of Licensure. 

4If you are opening a residential facility or a facility where clients come to your place of business, an inspection by a State Fire Marshal, county or city fire marshal, or a private certified codes inspector is required.  Need clarification?  Contact the regional office near you.  (Personal Support Services Agencies (PSSAs), D.U.I. Schools, and Non-Residential Office-Based Opiate Treatment offices (OBOTs) currently do not require a life safety/fire inspection.) 

5.  When all paperwork is received, licensing fee has been paid, and life safety inspection has been conducted, if applicable, you will be contacted by the Office of Licensure regarding a date for an on-site inspection by a Licensure surveyor.  (Initial inspections for Personal Support Services Agencies (PSSAs), D.U.I. Schools, and Non-Residential Office-Based Opiate Treatment offices (OBOTs) are conducted via an electronic desk audit.)

What does an Initial Inspection cover? Generally (with a few exceptions), life safety and environment/ancillary services are inspected as well as certain policies and procedures. A Regional Manager can provide an in-depth explanation of the next steps. 

6. Once the inspection is conducted and deficiencies, if any, are corrected, an Initial License will be issued for up to 1 year.

* Note: Certain types of licenses have additional requirements. A Regional Manager can assist with these.


East Tennessee Regional Office

520 West Summit Hill Drive

Suite 502

Knoxville, TN  37902

Telephone #: 865-594-6551

Fax #: 844-340-4482


Middle Tennessee Regional Office

500 Deaderick Street

5th Floor, Andrew Jackson Bldg.

Nashville, TN  37243

Telephone #: 615-532-6590

Fax #: 615-532-7856


West Tennessee Regional Office

951 Court Avenue

Memphis, TN  38103

Telephone #: 901-543-7442

Fax #: 844-844-5538