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Novel Coronavirus - COVID-19: Information for Community Behavioral Health Providers, Consumers, and Families

Licensed Provider Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of Licensure is here to help our licensed providers in any way that we can. This list of FAQs is a good place to start if you are a provider who has a question about your license.

Need to Make a Change to Your Current License or Add a New Location or Category?

A Fact Sheet form is used for the following: 

  • to establish a new site/location
  • to add a new category to an existing license
  • to relocate a currently licensed facility/service to another location*
  • to request approval for a major renovation, expansion, or change in use or occupancy of a currently licensed facility. 

A Change of Status form is used for the following:

  • Change in Chief Executive Officer or Executive Director (A Background Information form and Non-criminal Justice Privacy Rights statement must also be submitted.)
  • Change in licensee name (Used for change in name only.  This is not a transfer of ownership.)
  • Change in site name
  • Change in licensed bed capacity
  • Change affecting current life safety occupancy classification such as adding or deleting safety occupancy classification to serve mobile non-ambulatory, hearing impaired, blind, or individuals incapable of self-preservation or imposing security measures upon persons which are beyond their control (e.g., exit doors or windows locked against egress, restraints, seclusion, etc.
  • Closure of license
  • Closure of category(ies) only
  • Closure of license due to relocation*

*Licenses are address-specific requiring a new license before a relocation may occur.  For relocation of a facility or service, submit a Fact Sheet form for the new location AND a Change of Status form to close out the old location.

Need to Review Your Applicable Rules?

See the TDMHSAS Office of Licensure Administrative Rules

Need to Report an Incident?

  • To inform TDMHSAS of an incident, use this form: Reportable Incident Form
  • For reporting criteria and additional information, click here for Personal Support Service Agency license category or here for residential and all other non-residential license categories

For additional help, please contact your Regional Office  for assistance.


East Tennessee Regional Office

520 West Summit Hill Drive

Suite 502

Knoxville, TN  37902

Telephone #: 865-594-6551

Fax #: 844-340-4482


Middle Tennessee Regional Office

500 Deaderick Street

5th Floor, Andrew Jackson Bldg.

Nashville, TN  37243

Telephone #: 615-532-6590

Fax #: 615-532-7856


West Tennessee Regional Office

951 Court Avenue

Memphis, TN  38103

Telephone #: 901-543-7442

Fax #: 844-844-5538