Licensed Provider Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of Licensure is here to help our licensed providers in any way that we can. This list of FAQs is a good place to start if you are a provider who has a question about your license.

Need to Make a Change to Your Current License or Add a New Location or Category?

A Fact Sheet form is used for the following: 

  • to establish a new site/location
  • to add a new category to an existing license
  • to relocate a currently licensed facility/service to another location*
  • to request approval for a major renovation, expansion, or change in use or occupancy of a currently licensed facility. 

A Change of Status form is used for the following:

  • Change in Chief Executive Officer or Executive Director (A Background Information form and Non-criminal Justice Privacy Rights statement must also be submitted.)
  • Change in licensee name (Used for change in name only.  This is not a transfer of ownership.)
  • Change in site name
  • Change in licensed bed capacity
  • Change affecting current life safety occupancy classification such as adding or deleting safety occupancy classification to serve mobile non-ambulatory, hearing impaired, blind, or individuals incapable of self-preservation or imposing security measures upon persons which are beyond their control (e.g., exit doors or windows locked against egress, restraints, seclusion, etc.
  • Closure of license
  • Closure of category(ies) only
  • Closure of license due to relocation*

*Licenses are address-specific requiring a new license before a relocation may occur.  For relocation of a facility or service, submit a Fact Sheet form for the new location AND a Change of Status form to close out the old location.

Need to Review Your Applicable Rules?

See the TDMHSAS Office of Licensure Administrative Rules

Need to Report an Incident?

  • To inform TDMHSAS of an incident, use this form: Reportable Incident Form
  • For reporting criteria and additional information, click here for Personal Support Service Agency license category or here for residential and all other non-residential license categories

For additional help, please contact your Regional Office  for assistance.


East Tennessee Regional Office

520 West Summit Hill Drive

Suite 502

Knoxville, TN  37902

Telephone #: 865-594-6551

Fax #: 844-340-4482


Middle Tennessee Regional Office

500 Deaderick Street

5th Floor, Andrew Jackson Bldg.

Nashville, TN  37243

Telephone #: 615-532-6590

Fax #: 615-532-7856


West Tennessee Regional Office

951 Court Avenue

Memphis, TN  38103

Telephone #: 901-543-7442

Fax #: 844-844-5538