Downsizing for Safety and Comfort

TCAD Aging and Disability Community Resource Guide

For many older Tennesseans, there comes a time when a smaller, more manageable place to live is important. Downsizing could also mean staying in place with less stuff. Either way, moving or consolidating can be an emotionally charged event since it requires some walks down memory lane and finding good homes for well-admired possessions.

Sorting through generations of belongings is an opportunity to pass down a few family stories (or tall tales), and it helps the older person get ready for a new chapter with fewer material possessions to worry about.

Downsizing Resource

The National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) outlines methods for sorting and saving valued treasures, attaching stories to heirlooms, and hiring a professional senior move manager if the process of downsizing becomes overwhelming.

You may call NASMM at 877-606-2766 for a current list of certified senior move managers in Tennessee. Members of this association have completed required courses in safety and ethics and are screened for insurance and experience.

Download or print "Downsizing for Safety and Comfort" in PDF format.