Do You Know About Unlicensed Facilities?

What is an Unlicensed Facility?

An unlicensed residential facility or care home houses vulnerable adults by providing room, board, and some level of personal care. Many of these facilities operate without a license, making it difficult to ensure the well-being of the residents living there.


Why do we need your help to find and report these facilities?

Vulnerable adults residing in unlicensed facilities often become victims of abuse, neglect, or financial exploitation. Most of these residents are over age sixty (60) and not able to live independently.


Who is the Unlicensed Facility serving?

These facilities serve the extremely vulnerable. Some of these facilities serve older adults, individuals with disabilities, and patients recently discharged from hospitals. Most of the residents are living below the poverty level, don’t yet qualify for Medicare or Medicaid, and are not receiving Social Security Income. This makes them vulnerable to abuse, neglect, and exploitation.


Where can these homes or facilities that are unlicensed be found?

They can be found in residential homes in any type of neighborhood. They also have been reported to be inside of old churches or schools.


Click here for a printable brochure about Unlicensed Facilities in Tennessee.


Please report any suspicious activity to TCAD at or 1-833-379-6030 so that a proper investigation can take place to protect the vulnerable populations of Tennessee!