Application Questions

Choices for separation

Lack of Work
Laid off, your position was abolished, the business closed, or the plant shut down.

Voluntarily leaving suitable work without good cause attributable to the employer.

Dismissed for violation of company rules, neglected given job responsibilities, etc.

Questions Asked when you File a Claim for Unemployment Benefits

You will answer “yes” or “no” during the application process:

Are you receiving or will you receive subsistence (also known as sub pay) from your employer?
SUB pay plans  (Supplemental Unemployment Benefit pay plan) are submitted to the agency by the employer to be approved.

Did your last employer say you would be called back?  
This question is asking you if you have a definite return to work date within 10 weeks. If you do have a return to work date within 10 weeks answer yes.

Are you receiving retirement pension other than Social Security?  
Are you receiving a pension from a previous employer?

Are you receiving Workers' Compensation?
If your employee gets hurt at work or gets sick from his/her job, the Tennessee’s Workers’ Compensation Act requires most employers to pay for the medical treatment needed.

Do you currently have a part-time job?

Have you filed a claim against any state in the last 12 months?

Did you work in Tennessee during the last 18 months?

Did you work for an employer outside of TN during the last 24 month?
If you have worked in another state you may have eligibility in that state. Every state has its own guidelines and weekly benefit amounts.

Did you work for the Federal Government as a Federal civilian employee during the last 18 months?
If so, was your duty station in Tennessee? 

Did you serve on active duty with the military during the last 18 months?
Only active duty where you received a DD-214 is covered for unemployment purposes. Title 32 orders under 90 days are not covered for UI purposes.

Are you a member of the military reserve or National Guard?

Do you get your job exclusively through a hiring Union?
If so, please enter union name abbreviation and union number.

Did you work for a school system in the past 18 months?

Have you earned wages from a professional athletic team in the last 18 months?

Did you work for a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the last 18 months?
Were you an owner or member of the LLC?

Have you held office as an elected official within the last 18 months?

Did you work for a non-profit organization or church in the last 18 months?

Are you self-employed?

Are you now attending school or have an enrollment date within 30 days?

Are you willing to work during the days, hours, shifts, that are usual in the type of work you do?

Is there any reason why you cannot work at least 32 hours per week, such as illness, injury or pregnancy?

Are you on FMLA?

Do you own a car?
If you do not own a car, do you have alternate transportation?

How far are you willing to travel to work?

How much time are you willing to spend traveling to a job?

What is the minimum starting wage you will accept on your next job?

What was the wage you were earning in your last job?

Have you been offered work or a referral to work since you last became unemployed?

Since unemployment benefits are taxable would you like 10% withheld for federal tax purposes?