HiSET Exam and Eligibility Requirements

The Tennessee State Board of Education has ruled that passing the HiSET exam (powered by PSI) is currently the only method for earning a recognized Tennessee high school equivalency diploma. The Adult Education Division is the liaison for the HiSET program. As such, the Division creates a policy that aligns with Tennessee laws concerning high school equivalency testing and eligibility requirements. To take the HiSET exam, testers must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Age: You must be at least 18 years of age without a high school diploma or equivalency to take the HiSET exam. If you are 17 years old, you must have an age waiver (Click here to access age waiver entitled HiSET Recommendation Form) signed by your local director of schools and present it at the time of your test. Please submit the age waiver recommendation form using this Zendesk link: Submit a request – Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development (tn.gov).
  • Residency: You do not have to be a resident of Tennessee to take the HiSET exam.
  • Identification: You must present identification on test day at the HiSET test center. A valid driver's license, passport, military ID, or another form of government-issued (national or foreign) identification that shows name, address, date of birth, signature and photograph are acceptable forms of identification. Outdated or expired identification will not be accepted.

The Division also approves test centers to offer the HiSET exam. Test centers interested in applying to offer the HiSET should complete and submit the HiSET Test Center Application form. (Click here to access form entitled HiSET Test Center Application.)

How can I receive a voucher that allows me to take the HiSET exam for free?

To be eligible to receive a voucher that allows you to take the HiSET exam for free, you must meet the requirements established through your local Adult Education program. (Click here to visit Find Your Program page for ABE or ESL.) Not all local programs offer vouchers; however, all programs funded by the TDLWD Adult Education Division do offer vouchers.

Adult learners can earn High School Equivalency Diplomas

Adults across Tennessee who did not graduate high school have multiple options to complete their high school equivalency diploma. Adult education programs across the state offer students in-person or virtual classes that will prepare them to take the HiSET examination, which leads to high school equivalency diploma.

“We want everyone interested in improving their math, literacy, and English language skills to know they never have to leave home and they can still work to change their future. And that includes earning a high school equivalency diploma—all of it can be done completely online,” said Jay Baker, Assistant Commissioner of Adult Education.

Individuals interested in learning more about their local adult education program can call the Adult Education Division at 1-800-531-1515.

Once in contact with a local provider, interested individuals will receive the resources needed to begin their adult education. Classes are available in-person and virtually and will prepare students to take the HiSET examination to determine if they have earned their high school equivalency diploma.

You can take take the HiSET exam by taking the paper-based test, the computer-based test, or the online test. The online exams are identical to HiSET exams taken in physical testing centers in terms of content, format, on-screen experience, and scoring. Each of the features test takers experience in testing centers, such as the ability to preview, skip questions, review, and change answers, are available with the online exam.

“Earning a high school equivalency diploma can really change a person’s life,” Baker said. “An adult who has a diploma can earn much higher wages and unlock more opportunities for education and career advancement.”

The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development’s HiSET Voucher Program covers all costs associated with the exams. To receive a voucher from a local Adult Education program, a test taker must be a Tennessee resident and demonstrate test preparedness through a qualifying official practice test.

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La Educación para Adultos, como parte de la Ley de Oportunidades e Innovaciones Laborales (WIOA), brinda servicios a adultos para desarrollar el conocimiento y las habilidades necesarias para la equivalencia de escuela secundaria (HiSET), empleo, oportunidades postsecundarias y autosostenibilidad económica. Para aplicar, llame a su programa local.

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