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Wage Replacement

Employees who have suffered a compensable workplace injury and are taken off work by the authorized treating physician may be entitled to receive wage replacement benefits for the work time they miss.  The benefits and the eligibility terms are described below.   

Temporary Disability Benefits

Temporary Disability benefits are designed to help replace wages lost wages when an employee is being treated for a work-related injury.  They begin only if the physician takes the injured worker off work. Learn more about Temporary Disability Benefits.

Permanent Disability Benefits

Permanent Disability Benefits help replace wages lost if an injury leaves an employee with a permanent impairment and leaves the employee unable or less able to work after the injury.  Learn more about Permanent Disability Benefits.

Death Benefits

When a compensable workplace injury results in the death of a covered employee, death benefits are available to the surviving dependents. Learn more about Death Benefits

Compensation Rates

Based on a variety of variables, the Tennessee Workers' Compensation Rates are adjusted depending on the date of injury. Rates are for weekly compensation, death benefits, funeral expenses, and medical benefits. View Comp Rates.

Protect your Rights

The right to receive workers’ compensation benefits does not stay open forever.  In most cases, the deadline to request the conference is one (1) year from the date the injury occurred; or, the date the last temporary disability benefits were paid or medical benefits were provided for the injury, whichever is latest.

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